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The development of metallic detector and market current situation
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What metallic detector uses a field because of its function and market is different can divide it is the following kinds: Detector of passageway type metal (say again: The metal explores door abbreviation: The door that install check) , hand-held metal detector, portable metal detector, table metal detector, industrial metallic detector and underwater metal detector. The whole world detector of the first metal was born 1960, enter the metallic detector with industrial initial period to basically also apply at factory employment, it is the purity of inspection mineral products, capable helper that improves beneficial result. As social development, of guilty case rise. Metallic detector was introduced to use a field newly 1970 -- safe examination, namely the metal that we use today explores door rudiment, its occurrence means the mankind to already entered to safe acknowledge epochal. The occurrence of a product drove the development of an industry, install check then this already unfamiliar the industry that is familiar with again begins to enter the market. 40 pass more, metallic detector experienced what a few generation explore a technology to change, the digital pulse technology that uses till today to successive wave technology from first signal imitate technology, the principle of magnetic field cut with metallic simple detector is introduced achievement of a variety of science and technology. No matter be,sensitivity, resolution, exploration accuracy still had qualitative flight on character of service. Applied domain also rises as what produce character amount outspread arrived many industries. 70 time develop quickly as aviation industry, the happening of skyjacking and dangerous incident makes aviation and airport security are taken seriously gradually, in the airport then the metal in numerous equipment explores the door to acting a platoon to investigate the important role of banned article. Be in likewise 70 time, because the metal explores the door to install check to cut a figure mediumly in the airport, large games (like the Olympic Games) the safety of significant section defends exhibition and government begin to enable a metal to explore the door to serve as the indispensable instrument that install check in the job. Grow 80 time, prison force case is shown rise sharply trend, the Chongzhongzhi in how as soon as possible prevents effectively and preventing violent case to happen into jail management to work is heavy, while in support fuzz strengthens management to convict, metallic exploration door made the equipment installing check with the necessary administration of developed country jail such as the United States, England, Belgium again, form average every 300 convict use a metal to explore the door to use Yu An check; Meanwhile the west is arisen " the heat that find treasure " , also make detector of hand-held, portable metal gets great progress. Enter 90 age, the electronic manufacturing industry that warms up quickly became the favorite of this times, large electric subsidiary to reduce the awkward situation between employee of product prediction of a person's luck in a given year, end and company, use a metal to explore the door and hand-held metal detector to regard an administrator as the class action, sharp that reduces product prediction of a person's luck in a given year in succession. Then metallic detector had its new role again -- product guard against theft. After 9.11 incident, it is important to fear making international society instead topic for discussion. The rampant terrify element of explosive case, terror became the target that branch of each country safety swears to hit. International society is right now right " safety is on guard " acknowledge also is mentioned a new height. Suffer 9.11 incident effect, the deploy that the security personnel that all trades and professions strengthens works, suffer this effect just about, the osmosis with the applied successful also domain of metallic detector arrives other industry. (be like: Public place of entertainment, all through the ages of public security problem of communal public place of entertainment is the focus that social all circles pays close attention to, also be the difficulty that public security government works. According to statistic, annual public place of entertainment is malign fight affray incident and rate of record of criminal case hair occupy 60% above, its commit the crime lethal weapon all is consumer takes public place of entertainment) however, right now simple passageway type metal explores the door to already cannot satisfy the demand that brings check completely, what security personnel needs is a kind can accurate the product installing check that sentences position of conceal of calm metal article. Then much area the metal explores technical be pregnant with and be born, its birth is metallic detector on development history change again, single before magnetic field distributings became be folded each other now and and relatively independent many magnetic field, distribute door system what make for many section to answer relatively with human body according to principle of human body engineering again, relevant section forms opposite area on metallic exploration door, exploration door had such metals to call the police fixed position function. How to prevent the bitter fleabane break out of the industry to exhibit as home, installing check domain, home appeared manufacturer of many metals detector, but have in home market will see foreign brand own the market share of 80% on rate, as the development of time, this scale narrows gradually. Civil aviaton market also is the forbidden zone of domestic metal detector all the time. Investigate its reason, because product quality closes nevertheless,be for the most part bring about relevant attestation to be not taken. Actually the research and development of product of domestic metal detector, production is mixed promotion, already achieved greater progress in last few years. But, like liking product of other report subclass, metallic detector appeared likewise circuit is modelled on, function the phenomenon with identical, various, gewgaw function. Certain and alleged manufacturer throws the commercial act certainly will with short cycle of small, research and development this kind to cause the consistency difference of the product, dependability is low and credit of society of the product that install check is spent reduce, equipment from go up at all guarantee against the requirement that install check. 2002 is homebred detector thoroughly reforms oneself, a outstanding achievement is brilliant year, the government supports install those who prevent a trade energetically, reach " 15 plans " of guiding ideology outspread make a few manufacturers pay attention to oneself to produce those who taste quality to rise more and more, no matter be product function or exterior,be close to more and more at foreign product, already exceeded foreign product on certain function even. Consider in process of product development, production most also is how to get used to home to bring demand of check market, contented client. Implementation installs check equipment homebred change, accord with Chinese national condition. The smoke of gunpowder of it may be said of market of domestic metal detector 2003 diffuses, no matter be foreign brand or competition of card of home made product unusually intense, attempt to be in the mainland the market is again much cup a thick soup, differentiate afresh existing market structure. Then foreign some brand took the lead in making the shop sign of function of computer couplet net. Below the case that domestic manufacturer still closes nevertheless in oneself product in succession follow the lead of, final all battlefield of die in the last ditch, as we have learned, at present home also has a company to master the core portion of this technology, and compare the function of computer couplet net that foreign product place puts forward have advanced sex more, and practical. (note: Metallic detector applies a domain to differ because of its, function of net of its computer couplet is not same also. If the function of computer couplet net that puts forward applies in the airport, actual it is exploration door of the identity data that inputs the passenger computer and metal is formed share, after calling the police for a short while can from computer v data of this passenger capacity, make the airport installs check to have close sex more; If apply at the factory, computer couplet net is the personnel management system the factory and metal exploration door forms resource to share, administrator passes computer automatic statistic calls the police data, key analysis observes an object, adopt safety actively to be on guard measure reduces product prediction of a person's luck in a given year, implementation consolidates management) . Now at present domestic metal detector can detect only metallic article, and check however like the metalloid dangerous article such as dynamite, drugs do not come out, although company of some foreign country shows to already entered development phase, but believe to push be sent on a diplomatic mission to use still need period of time. However we hope domestic each manufacturer is mutual and integrated heartily respective advantage, seek scope effect, as soon as possible is rolled out have the metallic detector with international the most advanced level, make safety is on guard to raise a new standard again, make as soon as possible of homebred metal detector enters an international market. Wish one day this to come at an early date!
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