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Network shopping notice, beware network cheater website
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Judgement cheater website needs the following measure only:

If 1. price is of market price case 7 fold the following, besides it is sham goods, it is cheater website otherwise.
2. connects a telephone call.
(1) connection phone is 6 those who begin, a lot of places 6 local telephone calls are iron understands an electrify word, do not need to register. Offerred an opportunity to him so. Resemble Guangdong area, 6 those who begin should be complete iron tells a company.
(2) did not secure a phone, what have number of a mobile phone only is small perhaps well-informed, if having fixed telephone call, call to make a thorough investigation of to local telegraphic bureau belong to solid, what there is mobile phone number on the website is OK inquire this mobile phone through the network paragraph seat follows the address accord with that announces on the net to close.
(3) is same. If he says he is in Beijing, and you examine his mobile phone to put in apanage 's charge is Tianjin, that is cheater likely very. The method that examines a mobile phone to put in apanage 's charge is very much, search on Baidu casually " the mobile phone inquires attributively " with respect to a lot of.
3. connection address is date of XXX road XX, for instance: Piao of orangutan of banter of a bell-shaped percussion instrument issues?06 order, ghost knows to be in which ah.
If true word, he can write Jiang Beiyuan of deep Na Luhua to visit signal of digital city B708 such detailed address.
4. checks the Pr of that website to be worth.pr is the level that Google measures a website, 3 its months are updated. To those cheater websites, what can be put in 3 months still is minority, so the Pr value of general cheater website is 0.PR inquiry address: HTtp://link.kuww.net/pr.asp? Act=search, in the meantime, to avoid certain PR inquiry makes mistake, use many PR to inquire the website inquires comparative result as far as possible.
5. if you buy a thing on the net when, suspect that sells the home a bit, can him the network address of this website duplicates Baidu or in Google, add at the back of network address next last " cheater " , below inquiry, having somebody to had informed against this website is cheater website. If have, that was not duped! For instance " Www.xxxx.com cheater " , next carriage return inquiry.

Cheater bunco process:
1. does a website, connecting a telephone call is a mobile phone small perhaps word of well-informed, city is connected, or iron electrify word, make ad everywhere on the net next.
2. you pay after him, he says, tentative be in short supply, you should wait a few days. After waiting a few days to pass, he went out with respect to hair saying money, wait a few days to be able to arrive. When waiting for you a few days to ask him again again, he says goods sends a fault, send what go to Hunan originally, not careful hair went to Hubei. Do so, arrived about the same a month.
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