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Supply standard check needle freely to check card and test to wear (clip of shot
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Check needle machine checks card, standard check needle gets stuck, detect card, needle of international standard check gets stuck - all rights reserved do not embezzle please - Dongguan city Lian Zhixin metal detects equipment limited company

Good news, this day removes my company to be the client that owns facility of check injection machinery freely to offer level of check needle engine to check card, clip of shot of check of standard of card of test of machine of needle of clip of renown check shot, check, international, detect standard of needle of card, check gets stuck. . . . ! The test card that can offer has: F2.0mm of φ of 1.5mm of φ of 1.2mm of φ of 1.0mm of φ of E φ 0.8mm, Fe, Fe, Fe, Fe, need is used come here the new old client that checks card calls us to ask for at any time! Connect a telephone call: The paper that 0769-83228612 is the calling card size that is in a piece to be able to cross check needle this calorie enchases a Xiaotie to the ball is made and be become on card, can avoid to use common test piece cannot needle of accurate judgement check is argute quick spent defect (plastic box type checks an easy interfuse standard to check iron ball beyond redundant metallic material) , use this check needle to check card to cooperate to checked the test with OK and accurate method to give the sensitivity of check needle machine and performance at 9 o'clock, reduce check needle leakage check rate and in the light of before with level (alleged the view of needle of check of 4 class, 5 class, 8 class, 10 class) the needle that talk check is argute quick spent general concept, use this international the client that active general standard checks what card can make you clearer to inform you, the sensitivity of check needle machine that you use standard. . . . . . More calls us to enquire please about item of check needle machine. My company major produces equipment of machinery of injection of check needle machine, check, dongguan company exhibition hall at any time stock shows in great quantities machine supply, overall product can be passed reach strict law of test of check needle machine examined at 9 o'clock. The welcome comes choose and buy! Phone: 0769-83228612 fax: 0769-83228650 network address: Http://www.0769jc.comChecked law sketch map at 9 o'clock Recommend an article: How does sensitivity of check needle machine check / examine? Japan textile and its act the role of watch of standard of the needle that taste check! Dress check needle trims the value that uses in dress dress industry!