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Server of the website of Lian Zhixin company that finish is migratory this after
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As a result of connected new company original website server appears breakdown, since bringing about a week, the server answers speed to exceed slow, visit speed and experience spend most client to be reduced greatly, because this company nots hesitate,weigh gold, enable new server anew. Here, connected new company experiences to client visit delay time expresses regret! Finish migratory to new server, the course checks, speed comparing is original better, client friends are OK the very convenient, fast website that visits connected new company! Additional, because the server is migratory, partial database may appear mistake, personnel of my company technology is clutching repair, if discover the place that make mistake, the technology that gives us in time through leave a message or sending mail please serves personnel. Arise from this changeless, forgive please! Thank! The new metal that Dongguan city connects detects website of 2008-06-13 of equipment limited company is safeguarded