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3 it is not easy to want to say to love you without the product! [YC]
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3 without the product " not be legal concept, had become to arrive popularly quite now flush noun. It is to point to commonly without production date, without quality certificate of approval (or manufacturing licence) and without manufacturer name. Also having a view is: 3 having a product is not to have manufacturer name, 2 without manufacturer location, the 3 products that code without licence of sanitation for production. Still have saying is the name that do not have a factory, without the address, without brand.

Popularly, " standard of quality of product of People's Republic of China " formulary product must have Chinese factory name, manual of product of date of mark of Chinese the site of factory, phone, license number, product, birth, Chinese, if be necessary when still need finite and qualitative or suggestive specification to wait a moment, always lack all regard rejected product as. Afore-mentioned requirements are lacked among them one of, all can regard as " 3 without the product " .

If relevant product is manufacturer,enter current, or the businessman is selling in, all can supervise the relevant section such as bureau, industrial and commercial management board to inform against to quality. If consumer had bought such product, criterion but basis " consumer rights and interests protects a law " the requirement retreats one compensate one.

One is bought in friend place last year " 3 without " mobile phone, just pursue so its exterior is beautiful reach the function is advanced, the result was used be less than a month, discover batteries often gives out heat indescribably, the course changes also remain as before, and often communicate the effect is especially poor. Spend two months again, taking it to return Hainan old home too. Come back to announce to go on strike formally. Repair over there recapture friend. The friend says this is planted 3 without the product, what to repair. Had bought directly new. . . .

After hitting that, I am in also need not these 3 do not have product mobile phone. Use brand machine now, although be bit more expensive. But the effect is good, do business, with a quality low the mobile phone that ensures without character, say to lose sheet to lose sheet! We still are lost do not have a client.

Associate to the thing beside us again, often dress toy factory finds us, let us send a person to maintain their check needle aircraft, we ask they are what brands, when buy. . . Result client cannot reply actually. We can tell him only, if be simple mechanical failure only, when the humor is good, by the way we can help them freely maintain, but if involve the breakdown of circuit respect,need changes of fittings, cannot find " former manufacturer " fittings (basically be circuit board) , we cannot help them maintain! (product of machine of this kind of 3 needles that do not have check, it is an user normally wait for those who be not professional corporation all right in agency needle car " assistance " next buying, to cater to the requirement of client low, distributors of travel of agency needle car people can take those only 3 without the product, do not be willing to stay again " manufacturer home " connection information, bring about ensure without after service)
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