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Check needle machine is common breakdown - the clean measure of conveyer belt an
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Check needle machine is common breakdown - the clean measure of conveyer belt and note

Because check needle machine is the testing instrument of a kind of tall sensitivity, maintain to what the environment reachs a machine have firmer demand relatively. After using period of time normally, check needle machine can happen a few common " breakdown " , when be being used normally so, should accomplish everyday the place of easy blemish of etc of part of fixed and clean conveyer belt. Clean method and note are as follows:

1, clean appliance: Look for a clean towel, twist after bedew water dry until cannot twist a water till.

2, conveyer belt surface is clean: Attention, answer to adjust sensitivity of check needle machine above all before cleanness lowermost level, if check needle machine has B/C pattern, adjust check needle machine please C mode, lest delicacy spends high image,ring next clean job. Pull towel next press closely in conveyer belt surface appropriately continuously, actuate machine, make the machine runs 5 rounds above (the purpose is for the contaminant of surface of clean conveyer belt, the method can apply neatly by oneself) , wash towel clean next pigheaded dry, repeat this measure to wipe conveyer belt again, till till conveyer belt the surface does not have apparent contaminant;

3, conveyer belt the reverse side is clean: Then towel abluent twist dry, cross towel conveyer belt bottom from machine bottom, pull straight towel, smoke towel carry stage front, clutch towel both ends, actuate machine makes the machine runs several weeks. Because the bottom of conveyer belt is the dirtiest place, need those who undertake for many times to wipe. Carry every time after revolution week, should take out towel abluent repeat afore-mentioned measure again.

3, how to judge clean effect: After conveyer belt of check needle machine passes two afore-mentioned clean measure, go to sensitivity adjustment 8 class or highest sensitivity, actuate machine, allow machine movement, if the machine moves smooth and when probe metal position shows the light is not bright, put the clothing and other articles of daily use that does not have any metallic impurity right now, clothings can carry channel of check needle machine smoothly, namely conveyer belt cleanness is successful!

After be like cleanness of course above measure, still discover lamp of the probe after switching on the mobile phone to twinkle ceaseless, and clothings cannot be passed smoothly, because repeat again,have afore-mentioned clean move. In the meantime, when the test after cleanness works, need prevents circumjacent interference environment ingredient, be like: Personnel ambulates, old machine distance is too close wait for an element to need a consideration inside!

When as above narrates measure hind to still cannot use check needle machine normally, contact our company in time please, my department will provide technical support freely!
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