Dress workshop manages, clothing factory runs a system
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One, balanced production, attemper orderly
⒈ cooperates a company, produce task index according to what factory following amounts to, combine the manufacturing actual strength of cadre, specific organization produces the executive job of the plan.
⒉ is in charge of carrying out the manufacturing task index of ranking make known to lower levels, carry out fulfil send employee.
⒊ is made and carry out spot exercise standard and technological process, the product that makes produce thereby, undertake according to the client's need, assure plan and quality.
⒋ implementation is comprehensive and balanced the synchronous production that has rhythm, make final production facilitates pack reach case.
2, product quality control is effective
After ⒈ workshop director accepts the order, organize administrator of each groups of spots first, analyse the craft characteristic of garment of this level type, read the making requirement of craft sheet carefully.
⒉ talks things over to each place of standard type garment establish quality standard, make technological process.
Be sure to supervise and urge before the line on ⒊ new fund concerned site manager is appearance of the antenatal that make, right tailor of staff of production of a gleam of coachs reach the designated position, personnel of requirement administrator, qualitative check has check of make one's rounds and semi-manufactured goods sampling observation.
⒋ asks strictly and supervise and urge each groups of employee undertake tailor by craft standard, offer big sample goods in time to business section.
⒌ is in each on when the line gives birth to antenatal to be about to produce, concerned spot administrator should organize workshop employee to attend a meeting production, do an expatiation to this, sheet of the sample garment that provides technical ministry, craft and quality standard standard are written announcement, announce at numerous.
⒍ workshop director must be organized supervise and urge each site manager solves quality problem at the car over, handle at finished product before, lower the rate of do poorly done work over again of finished product in order to protect, assure product quality thereby.
3, formerly complementary material, supply seasonable
⒈ workshop director is indispensible and seasonable track what issueing sheet is former complementary material, if have,need to report settlement problem to should report processing in time.
⒉ organization workshop has done all antenatal to intend the work about personnel each: If produce the configuration of equipment, of concerned personnel allocate, the collocation of concerned tool.
⒊ cooperates technical ministry to get ready about what need to use the necessary things before the of all kinds production such as fixed position board, solid example, make every line on the paragraph, in perfect order, face blast not random.
4, highly disciplined, assessment is rigorous
⒈ implements the each regulations system of factory ministry strictly, strictly observe administrative system, supervise system staff to disobeying this factory, inspect clue weight, by regulations system concerned clause gives punishment.
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