Clothing factory business management system, human affairs runs a system
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Human affairs runs a system
One, employee recruits a system.
Employee of company management layer (the manufacturing backbone of end length of labour of departmental room, storehouse, driver, logistics, workshop, main station) uniform execute recruit make. Particular program is as follows:
1, the member that need to declare the person that recruit according to post by each branches, number.
2, after classics company is examined and approve, with multiform have invite applications for a job.
3, invite applications for a job must hold to notarial, open principle.
4, certificate of professional certificate, record of formal schooling, special type of work should be taken to should take operation testimony when applying for personnel.
5, classics exam is eligible, accurate at recruiting when should fill in employee registration form, the photocopy such as the operation card that still should make certificate of Id, professional certificate, record of formal schooling, special type of work at the same time or qualificatory card.
6, should sign with the company after employ " labor contract " .
2, system of check on work attendance
1, time of work and rest
Summer of company time going to work 8: 00 ~ 12: 00, 14: 00 ~ 18: 00
Winter 8: 00 ~ 12: 00, 13: 30 ~ 17: 30
2, firm departmental room administrator, standards be out on duty regards full attendence as (it is with machine of company dactylogram check on work attendance it is definitely accurate) , rest adopt system of not fixed have holidays by turns. Workshop of workshop worker comply with manages.
3, every when our company personnel is not away on official business, go to work to the company on time everyday, be late second (exceed beyond the mark bell) buckle yuan.

4, the regulation of comply with state such as new year's day, Spring Festival, National Day is carried out. As a result of the characteristic of engineering company, in principle is given priority to with assuring project on the rails, execute tone to rest.
5, holiday of marriage, funeral is off 3 days, marry at a mature age (male 25, female 23 above are off 7 days) , different ground holiday gives journey the holiday appropriately.
6, holiday yield Yo is carried out by national system.
7, every because illicit, ask for leave due to illness the company all does not pay salary, ask for leave must fill in ask application for leave, be restricted to examine and approve by administrative power.
8, existing company administrator asks for leave must general manager approval.
9, chief of branch of production, treatment, installation asks for leave one day to need approval of manager of classics director branch, a day of above is approved by general manager.
10, employee of department of treatment, installation asks for leave 3 days above (contain 3 days) approval of chief of branch of beard classics director, 5 days of above (contain 5 days) by the director sectional manager is approved. 6 days of above are approved by general manager.
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