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Extra urgent country pledges check connects 2007 〕 of case 〔 761 about print and distribute " quality of import and export merchandise and food safety
Special punish executive detailed rules is quality of import and export merchandise and food safety implement spirit of conference of countrywide quality work, fulfil countrywide product quality and food safety character is produced to measure safe punish to concern a requirement about imports and exports in special punish action, basis " countrywide product quality and food safety are special punish action program " (the country does hair [2007]57 date) , " the State Council the special provision that waits for product safety to control government about strengthening provision " (the State Council makes the 503rd, the following abbreviation " special provision " ) , " quality of product of system of countrywide qualitative check and food safety are special punish action program " (national qualitative check hold [2007]404 date) make this detailed rules. One, punish key quality of import and export merchandise and food safety are special punish action begins around the following key: Key commodity: Quality of import and export merchandise and food safety are special the key commodity of punish, include to export food raw material especially aquatic product raw material, exit food includes HACCP 6 kinds of big provision of test and verify especially, entrance flesh kind, the sensitive product such as fruit, trash, the produce such as content of nursery stock of fruit of imports and exports, soja, feed, seed, flowers, activity, aquatic, dangerous section course of study tastes the Gao Feng such as car of clothing of exit toy, children, lamps and lanterns, small home appliance, autocycle, beach, carry out the goods that exports quality license, import and export merchandise of border land commerce. Stress unit: 1. Ever check gives remain of farming animal drug to exceed epidemic situation of mark, epidemic disease, cause disease base of microbial food raw material, cultivate, farm; 2. Ever was given by foreign check the unqualified, early-warning, bulletin, company that returns goods, recall; 3. The enterprise of exposure of domestic and international media; 4. Had had quality to violate orgnaization of the enterprise of behavior and acting newspaper check; 5. Had happened not sincere letter behavior or the company that are included blacklist and orgnaization of acting newspaper check. 2, punish target arrives this year the end of the year, the flesh of illegal entrance kind, fruit, trash 100% retreat goods or destroy by melting or burning; Put on record cultivate, food of farm, exit processes a business 100% get check; Exit food is carried pack 100% add stick examine quarantine mark, assure to export conform to of food goods card; Involve imports and exports of healthy and safe product to superintend strengthen apparently, perfect and hierarchy of control of quality of safety of company of production of perfect exit toy, dress and examine superintendency mode. 3, punish content (one) base of raw material of food of comprehensive check exit. Begin comprehensive check punish to exporting base of food raw material, strengthen monitoring of remain of farming animal drug, whether is the examination pressed " + of company + base is standardized " mode undertakes administrative, whether to satisfy continuously put on record requirement, whether to violate compasses use farming animal drug, whether to check gives epidemic disease epidemic situation or cause disease microbial, whether from blame put on record cultivate, the farm buys raw material. Cultivate to be being put in what violate compasses problem, farm, revoke its put on record the qualification reports a duplicate to total bureau, prohibit at the same time its supply raw material to company of exit food production. Total bureau will be unified announce be cancelled to put on record list of raw material base. (2) comprehensive check sanitation registers the business that register. The exit food company that registers the qualification that register to already obtaining sanitation begins comprehensive check punish, the additive case that uses to the enterprise undertakes clearing, whether does examination enterprise have perfect, effective wholesome quality hierarchy of control; Whether to have sufficient amount, have food of wholesome and relevant professional knowledge and experience, and via examining quarantine orgnaization grooms the wholesome quality administrator that checks qualification; Whether to have perfect, effective former complementary makings checks and accept control to ensure a method, of the enterprise former complementary makings supplies origin amount to whether can satisfy treatment to export crop need, additive agent for food is used normative; Examination whether from blame put on record cultivate, farm or already was cancelled of the qualification cultivate, the farm buys raw material; Exit food is added stick examine quarantine mark is normative reach the designated position, food recall system and channel are perfect, discover in all previous examination do not accord with whether to get be rectifyinged and reform effectively. Pass comprehensive check, cultivate what exit food place involves breed, manufacturing treatment, pack, store each link such as carry, exit bring into rigor to superintend, the standardization that progressively implementation superintends, system is changed. In check punish, should take strict precautions against unqualified food is exported and enter the market; Once discover, want to retreat city and recall stoutly. Undertake rectifying and reform to the company within a definite time of the requirement is not being accorded with in check punish, during rectifying and reform, the product does not get exit, via rectifying and reform still short of asks, its sanitation registers revoke the certificate that register. In the meantime, in the light of already carried out fountainhead control, but the company that still gives remain of farming animal drug in the check in finished product, should undertake date from is investigated, seasonable discovery breaks the law mediumly in fountainhead management violate compasses behavior and weak point, raise exit to feed character to measure safe level further. (3) severe blow imports the flesh illegally kind, the behavior of the sensitive goods such as fruit, trash. Be aimed at illegal entrance flesh kind, the behavior of the sensitive goods such as fruit, trash, increase blow strength, associated custom, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to strengthen supervisory examination in the sensitive area such as processing factory of port, storage yard, refrigeratory, terminal market, flotsam. Right via checking solid the goods that belongs to illegal entrance, uniform retreat goods or destroy by melting or burning, investigate the legal duty of relevant party. (4) of produce of high risk of aggrandizement imports and exports examine quarantine guards a pass. Strengthen the Gao Feng such as content of nursery stock of fruits of pair of imports and exports, soja, feed, seed, flowers, activity, aquatic of danger produce examine quarantine guards a pass the job, raise epidemic disease epidemic situation effectively to intercept and capture rate, product of division of forbidden epidemic disease enters a country with the nursery stock that take land, prevent to move plant diseases and insect pests of plant danger sex and poisonous and harmful material to pass into come out. Carry out producing area of export agriculture products strictly to examine quarantine system of job responsibility, carry out pair of exit fruits, feed in the round (contain raw material) , of seminal nursery stock and aquatic register the system that register, perfect what investment tastes to detect, the system that register; Enhance outcome produce production, treatment, deposit, carry those who wait for whole process to superintend, the final col that good inland checks for leave a country of produce of HongKong and Macow. Strengthen the probation to importing produce, the check that raises plant diseases and insect pests and harmful and toxic substance goes out rate, product of division of forbidden epidemic disease enters a country with the nursery stock that take land. Key blow imports the behavior of the sensitive produce such as abb of fruit, fur illegally, uniform to the produce of illegal entrance retreat carry or processing of destroy by melting or burning. (5) the Gao Feng such as car of clothing of toy of aggrandizement imports and exports, children, lamps and lanterns, small home appliance, autocycle, beach danger is sensitive the quality of the product is superintended. Strengthen what produce a business to exporting a product to control government, supervise and urge the enterprise enhances product quality safety to control capacity. The exit product that asks without standard code to exporting purpose nation, must accord with national level requirement. To carrying out the goods that exports quality license, did not obtain a license prohibit export, investigate the deed that did not obtain a license and exports executive quality to permit commodity strictly; Begin the check punish that allows a company to already capturing quality in the round, those who discover problem of existence of company quality management and product safety hierarchy of control or because of quality problem recall, suspend speaking quality clearance book instantly, during licence pauses, the product prohibits export, the revoke with serious clue speaks quality clearance book. 9 come to will begin safety of exit toy quality in whole system in December special punish acts, permit according to new quality (register register) executive detailed rules has comprehensive check; Hold to a proof to sign up for check, producing area to examine, carry out to first toy approve batch of safe project appraisal, carry out to the supplier of sensitive raw material such as paint put on record system, increase the punish strength that purchases a toy to the market; Increase the strength that exit toy port proves, put an end to stoutly " 3 without " (without quality clearance, without raw material safety project hierarchy of control, detect with the product without first) the exit of company toy. Increase safe to dress, sanitation to the project detects and be smoked batch of scale and strengthen safe project hierarchy of control build. Release the exit quality that adjusts autocycle product to permit afresh (register register) executive detailed rules, begin comprehensive examine and verify according to new regulation. After the car includes the beach to export compulsory inspection product temporarily, should execute batch batch examine. Strict to carrying out product of the entrance toy of CCC attestation, small home appliance, autocycle, lamps and lanterns classification runs a system, aggrandizement is carried out and superintend a process, enhance attestation effectiveness, strengthen enter a country test and verify and proof newspaper check, did not obtain what card of attestation, commodity nots agree with to prohibit entering a country. (6) those who strengthen edge trade import and export merchandise examine quarantine is superintended. Strengthen the quality safety of import and export merchandise of subtense condition commerce to manage, undertake strictly examining by the standard quarantine, without examining quarantine and classics examine quarantine is unqualified, forbid imports and exports. (7) severe blow escapes the illegal behavior such as only card of leakage check, business. Strengthen leak to escaping of check behavior investigate, take strict precautions against an enterprise with exchange, carry secretly or do not declare according to the facts wait for means to violate exit. Food of severe blow exit escapes check, hide the truth from newspaper, exchange, carry secretly, buying and selling to examine quarantine only evidence tortious, implementation pledges the net checks a couplet closing sheet between check, custom, take strict precautions against the place of commodity pass in and out that has a problem, especially poisonous and harmful material and epidemic disease enter our country. Severe blow adulteration makes false, export the deed of product of protein of false and inferior vegetable; Books and newspaper of false to importing produce to use testimony closes a newspaper check, with product of epidemic disease division product of division of sham blame epidemic disease is imported, entrance produce escapes quarantine to superintend etc break the law violate compasses behavior to have punish and blow. Sufficient exercise " special provision " gift examine quarantine division system stops, the multinomial influence that investigates illegal action, increase the blow strength that violates compasses act to breaking the law. Card of merchandise on hand is sent to not agree with in checking, or the enterprise is suspected of lawbreaking code, set the legal liability that finds out relevant party strictly according to law. 4, establish the lasting effect mechanism that consolidates punish achievement ensures quality safety bureau of each directly under wants with special punish action for chance, serious research, strengthen exploration, through examining effectively quarantine superintends measure, discover quality of import and export merchandise and the problem that food safety exists and hidden danger in time, cogent jam the flaw in superintendency job, solve effectively execute the law the weak point in guarding a pass, establish the lasting effect mechanism that quality of perfect import and export merchandise and food safety superintend. It is to perfect import and export merchandise to detect method standard, what hurried undertakes industry standard is in enterprise of imports and exports is effective carry out; 2 it is to establish mechanism of early-warning of import and export merchandise, develop function of early-warning of import and export merchandise effectively; 3 it is to build safety of quality of produce of perfect imports and exports, food fast early-warning and lash-up reaction system, raise lash-up to deal with ability; 4 it is to build export business sincere letter runs a system, carry out " blacklist " get online announce a system; 5 it is to build an actor enterprise to connect a system, stimulative brand company grows. 5, repair work asks (one) strengthen a leadership, unite deploy. It is quality of product of this whole nation and food safety to quality of import and export merchandise and the special punish with safe provision special punish acts 8 special a medium important and special. Bureau of each directly under wants had caught special punish action to regard as the key of a paragraph of period will work henceforth, strengthen the leadership that acts to special punish, hold to a party to an undertaking to be caught personally, leader of be assigned personal responsibility for is specific catch, one class is caught one class, layer upon layer catch fulfil. Bureau of each directly under wants the unified deploy according to total bureau, union works severally actual, formulate is refined, the executive program with strong specific aim, clear punish target, key, content, time limit, measure, do good job to decompose, strengthen supervise and urge examination, ensure each task falls to real point. (2) had caught fulfil, wu begs actual effect. Bureau of each directly under should hold key, difficulty and crucial place, had caught seriously of special punish action fulfil, cogent solve pendent, long procrastinate not definitely outstanding issue, cogent solve ban the more than, outstanding problem that produces repeatedly repeatedly, cogent solve reaction the outstanding problem with intense, major effect. In special punish, should act on administer thoroughly, weigh the principle in the effect a permanent cure, diligent think at survey, be brave in to explore practice, be good at developing innovation, take all sorts of significant step, ensure target of each repair work comes true as scheduled. (3) strengthen superintend and director to check, fulfil responsibility. Bureau of each directly under should seize basic level, strong base, decompose the task, fulfil most basic level, pass spirit and requirement final end, fulfil responsibility everybody, fulfil fault responsibility strictly to find out a system, prohibit strictly executing the law chaos of nonfeasance, exceed one's authority serves as reach execute the law the behavior such as faze civilian. The nonfeasance in acting to punish, chaos serves as and punish not do one's best, derelict staff member, according to clue weight and influence size, give concerned responsibility person corresponding constituent processing or disciplinary sanction respectively. Bureau of each directly under should organize the case that begins special punish operation to the branch to undertake superintend, discover a problem in time, deadline is rectified and reform; Should hang out his shingle to the key case of our region supervise and direct, accomplish have fulfil, at every turn has a result. (4) strengthen conduct propaganda, build atmosphere. Bureau of each directly under should strengthen the communication report with local government, strive for the support of local government actively; Strengthen the communication with concerned branch to coordinate, form working resultant force, advance special punish to work to be begun effectively jointly. The message that should reinforce punish to act publicizes the job, make full use of the news media such as TV, the press, publicize special punish action deep, publicize high grade product, good brand and preeminent company extensively, conduct propaganda reports quality manages experience of work of advanced type, special repair; Wait for a form through holding case of model of press conference, bulletin, violate compasses behavior to form powerful awe force to breaking the law; Should be perfected and fulfil complain inform against a system, be started extensively and guide the public correctly to participate in. Be publicized through strengthening public opinion and guide, the success that acts for special punish builds good public opinion atmosphere. (5) comprehensive summary, check and accept seriously. Bureau of each directly under should sum up the experience lesson since special punish action is begun seriously, popularize the model that punish acts and experience in time, the bulletin is not fulfilled, the circumstance that does not reach the designated position. Want to begin circumstance and its effect organization to check and accept to punish action, ensure each requirement can get be fulfillinged effectively, quality of import and export merchandise and food safety control ability to promote further. The circumstance checks and accept summary before December 31, 2007 written report total bureau to connect close department. (6) report punish circumstance in time. The collection that bureau of each directly under wants to reinforce message of pair of special punish action, collect, analysis, use wait for the job, compile and print brief of special punish action, reach concerned branch newspaper in time to send to total bureau, local government, circumstance of progress of bulletin punish action. Daily sign up for dynamic information 1 times to total bureau, send the main message such as concerned practice, achievement, proposal along with times, weekly newspaper sends food of check of base of exit food raw material, exit to carry pack add stick examine to import the information of concerned business statistic such as sensitive goods processing quarantine mark, illegally. Contact: Make telephone call of book fine, Li Hui: 010-82261774, 82261786 faxes: 010-82260141
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