Draft of food safety law makes clear produce and sale to poison food law respons
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The accident prevents safety of provision of the 7th section and deal with

Organization of the 62nd the State Council makes meet an urgent need of accident of national food safety beforehand case.

Government of people of place of prefectural class above ought to be mixed according to the regulation about law, code the lash-up of food safety accident of ranking people government beforehand the actual condition of case and our region, the lash-up of food safety accident that controls area of definitive edition administration beforehand case, sign up for government of people of on one class to put on record.

Food production management company ought to make food safety accident deal with plan, check this company regularly each food safety is on guard of measure fulfil a circumstance, eliminate hidden danger of food safety accident in time.

The 63rd produces food safety accident, accident unit chief ought to deal with according to food safety accident instantly plan gives deal with, prevent an accident to expand, the section that produces ground county class to be in charge of food safety the accident is investigated and be being handled to the accident instantly, supervisory management department of service of food production, current, meal and disease precaution control orgnaization report, must not conceal, newspaper of give false information, delay, do not destroy trouble spot, destruction intentionally to concern evidence.

After precaution of disease of above of class of the 64th county controls an orgnaization to receive the report that produces food safety accident, ought to undertake wholesome processing to trouble spot, the element that in manufacturing management activity to food, as safe as food accident concerns launchs epidemiology investigation. To the food safety accident that by helminth, infectivity disease Yuan Weisheng content causes, the disease precaution that responsible epidemiology investigates controls an orgnaization ought to the formulary report of law of prevention and cure of according to contagion; Safe to eating the food that source sex disease causes by blame infectivity accident, ought to prove a cause, report findings food production, current, meal to serve supervisory management department; To the food safety accident that causes by edible produce, still ought to report findings agriculture to be in charge of a branch.

The investigation that food production, current, meal serves supervisory management department to ought to prevent control orgnaization to the disease gives cooperate. Disease precaution controls an orgnaization to think to need to adopt those who control measure, ought to serve to table a proposal of supervisory management department to food production, current, meal. Concerned branch ought to according to 69 regulation adopts Benfadi instantly relevant measure, prevent or reduce social harm; Food safety accident brings about human body to harm, sanitation of government of people of prefectural class above is in charge of a branch to ought to be organized begin cure to work.
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