How is current link differentiated and be on guard hairpiece ticket
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Bill is the legal evidence of financial defray in socioeconomy life. Manage in medicines and chemical reagents in, it is the primitive proof of business accounting, also be the significant evidence of check of medicines and chemical reagents. Current, in medicines and chemical reagents current link, different level land keeps hairpiece bank note in, disturbed badly drug market order and national revenue system, must from go up at all give clear.
One, the sort of hairpiece ticket 1. Nominal bill, also call dummy business bill. After individual drug operator purchases drug from illegal channel, offer invoice of money business theory legally from what supply drug for its again, mask its to purchase the fact of medicines and chemical reagents from illegal channel.
2. is sold, write the bill that not agree with. Solid the amount that sell amount of medicines and chemical reagents or fills in on unit price and bill or unit price are abhorrent, bill couplet is opened alone, and as bigger as counterfoil couplet difference.
The invoice that 3. falsifies.
4. seal not complete or the invoice that falsifies seal.
5. replaces bill with sales detailed list. This kind of practice sees the case at selling drug to the individual clinic that does not need to submit an expense account or village clinic more.
2, of hairpiece ticket differentiate a method 1. Examine bill to fill in content is all ready. Bill of purchase and sale of medicines and chemical reagents should include time of purchase and sale commonly, be traded worth of drug name, amount, monovalent, money, lay person of money company name, deal with, build seal of the unit that offer money. Bill of some purchase and sale of medicines and chemical reagents still include those who offer goods company to open an account date of bank, Zhang, couplet
Fasten phone and address. And hairpiece bill is average gaps and omissions more, content fills in not specific.
It is clear that 2. examines seal. The seal of bill should be enterprise former seal, affix one's seal is clear, seal size and content accord with a regulation, the name on seal unit name and business certificate of medicines and chemical reagents is uniform. The seal on hairpiece ticket often punch-drunk, or the seal that goes up with business certificate of medicines and chemical reagents nots agree with, or with business branch of special rule, simple tube uses chapter, cash paid chapter to wait replace enterprise former seal.
3. is examined fill in the handwriting of bill. All handwriting on bill should be the handwriting of one person of person of make out an invoice, drawing style, color, degree of finish should agree.
4. examines bill time, amount and bill number logical. Inside same group number, before time is jumped over, number is smaller, the bill of different time should not join number; If time-interval is very long and bill number is linked together again, the authenticity of bill is suspectable.
5. examines capital flow direction, payment. Generally speaking, medicines and chemical reagents trades in the final flow direction of payment for goods should be the industry that opens bill. If payment for goods is final,flow direction is not the industry that opens bill however clerk, it is hairpiece ticket likely.
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