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Search treasure to find out Qing Chaozhan to prepare Chinese medicine by roastin
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This ancient artillery piece hefts more than 1000 jins yesterday morning 9 when make 30 minutes, a few glean and collect scrapses person in Fuzhou storehouse hill building site of extensive boat riverside was found " baby " , they go up from 3 meters of deep building site gouge the artillery piece between a Qing Chaonian. Current, ancient artillery piece already was collected by bureau of Cang Shanwen content. Glean and collect scraps person what is finding treasure with metallic detector new issue. Yesterday morning 9 when make 30 minutes, in the storehouse hill floats a few boat riverside building site " find treasure " glean and collect scraps person very excited, because the metallic detector in their hand calls ceaseless all the time, this means the scrap iron that should come up out of land many. Glean and collect scraps person left dig right after digging, saw eventually " baby " -- the iron a knot in one's heart with full of stains or spots mark of a rust. Can this iron a knot in one's heart be bomb? Because the thing to bomb is dug in building site,also not be bout two. But other people looks at anxious, if bomb blasts, is that much more dangerous? Then somebody signed up for rapidly alarm. The policeman that police station crosses below also hurries to the spot instantly, look, iron a knot in one's heart is an ancient artillery piece unexpectedly, and still be gunpowder filled type, hind of be affected with damp be affected with damp can be decomposed, had done not have danger. The policeman should remove big gun a police station, the expert that informs cultural relic of the branch comes appraisal. Should move this cannon actually nevertheless not relaxed, 5 peasants worker worker is raised come unusually hardly. The farmer is versed in this ancient artillery piece is in preliminary estimation hoisting jack left and right sides. Finally, 200 yuan service expends the person that cultural relic branch gave a glean and collect scraps, as compensation. Pan tells chief of branch of Cang Shanwen content the reporter more, go up century 90 time metaphase, cangshan's fisherman once also discovered two big gun when fishing in the river, among them one is maintained to was 1861. This big gun that discovered yesterday, preliminary can concluding is quiet day during. According to measuring, this barrel is 1.65 meters long, gun muzzle external diameter 0.15 meters, gun muzzle internal diameter 0.11 meters.