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Yesterday morning, when the reporter hurries to the spot, the metallic flaw-detecting apparatus that there is look of a disc in two men hand is building remains to go up to be explored back and forth, more than 10 laborers had dug several on the side 1 meter of many deep large hole.

"We are digging scrap iron! " Mr Wang that stands in large hole, already tired sweating, raise a head to laughing at say. They listen to others to say, this underground buried not little scrap iron broken bits, then, taking family to dig scrap iron broken bits to sell to here. The dwellers around say, a few days come " pan person " had dug broken bits of a few tons of scrap iron here, each everyday income is about a hundred yuan. Dweller Mr Cao around tells a reporter, a pound is before here, at the beginning of 80 time when should fill pound, two around steelworkses are here the dump of scrap iron broken bits in the factory, used time of half an year to just give pound fully fill rise, poured not little clay again later above. Several days ago, did not know suddenly to come from where a flock of laborers, dig removed subterranean scrap iron. Because iron broken bits buries underground greatly to disentomb hard, some dig iron laborer painful still below cruel-hearted, flower 2000 multivariate bought go into work of metallic flaw-detecting apparatus.

"Dig big thing! " on the side a small-sized crane left hurriedly to come over, reporter collect goes up to look, it is covey so " pan person " the scrap iron place that digs to grow 1 meter many, weigh many kilograms 500, cannot move, must summon forklift help.

Condole rises in forklift when that many jins 1000 iron broken bits, surrounded tens of names to surround view masses immediately, steel rope hangs the one horn of scrap iron broken bits, be when upgrade condole, the eject of scrap iron broken bits with a big bowl and piece, fly directly to the middle of the crowd, "Phut! " the ground fall to go up, still bounce 1 meter many tall, frighten so that surround view crowd to be given out exclamation.

"Very irritated, too dangerous! " the businessman on the side thinks, this group " pan person " blocked this narrow road up, and concern is so cruel dig a way, the gas conduit that can affect subterranean laid. Dialed the Chengdu City instantly then of gas company complain a phone. Fortunately, after the staff member that arrives in time is checked, this ground leaves tracheal without coal way. But a few villagers still search instantly on the team, while the spot hospitals nurse, rapid will this group " pan person " the large hole backfill of gouge, avoid to cause safe accident.

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