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You have magnet pick I have flaw-detecting apparatus, the building site that tea
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On July 19, friendship road and long peaceful way are handed in collect the factory of cast of a hardware of place to undertake tearing open change, the project has not ended, person of more than 100 glean and collect scrapses came however on building site.

The person that the reporter sees a glean and collect scraps is taking detector of an underground metal to be in the ground to come up flyback is searched, the machine often can give out the noise that toot toots, he can dig the metal of and so on of tapping muscle iron wire later. I also do not know “ this calls what the name, anyway very clever, want to cry only, there is iron below the specification. This man of Henan book tells ” the reporter, he spent this instrument 700 multivariate buy, you see “ what I search than them definitely is fast. ” is saying, the machine rang again, gouge the reinforcing steel bar with a half long feet, his great laughs.
Be in another place, the reporter saw a few people are staying on the ground, with small pick is worn in the dig in remains, stuck on pick a little while a lot of broken small scrap. A middleaged woman tells a reporter, pick made up magnet, the iron in one dig earth by grip. “ is very good make, hunk is young can be found. ”

When the reporter leaves, search “ treasure ” big fight still is undertaking.