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The U.S. Army of hill of dragon of coil of the crash before liberating carries t
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17 days, wu Xiaojiang of lover of explorer Li Yong, mountain-climbing and the expeditionary team member that join temporarily and reporter head for 3 rivers together. Classics check, the plane that crash carries on the head in coil dragon hill before liberating is machine of bank note of carry of an U.S. Army.

Understand in place according to us, crashing ” of hill of “ coil dragon presses down Fu child to all know in 3 rivers, around move crashing fabulous version is very much, because had seen the share of National People's Congress of crash plane has died in those days, this cheated a mysterious colour to “ crashing ” . 17 days, it is good that the reporter was expended a setbacks, find Yuan Sanjiang town forest is in charge of a Su Shaoyou, from what office of county annals of You Wenchuan county consulted to write over there him " county of plain of short of Wenshui River records of 3 rivers rural area " , what introduced crashing incident of coil dragon hill in detail among them is the whole thing. According to account, 1945 summer, wang Shaorong of Li Haiting of water mill countryside falls in Bao Dingshan (the highest peak in a mountain range of coil dragon mountain) the plane that nest of hole hole cliff discovers to the American carry China of a wreck involves golden certificate. Golden certificate involves near the spot besprent hillside. They chose one a basket carried on the back to come home each, two bonze of temple of dragon of the coil on hill also chose cloister a few times. Because the case that has two outfit money and valuables is returned to miss on fabulous plane, bring about later two bonze early or late be murdered, cloister by burn down. After this, 3 rivers pressed down the hill on adventure of a few farmers to choose a few certificate closing gold. Face luxuriant big hill, without who capable to go up seek after all, “ everybody is fooled grab feudal official of ” of certificate closing gold, “ to appear personally make use of a subject to elaborate one's own ideas of ” of case running a bill, “ civilian suffer disaster ” , “ thes family broke up choose the story such as bank note ” to begin to circulate.

Arrived 1992, a few foreigner head for coil dragon hill illegally to find treasure, they still carried a metal to explore an instrument, as forest the announcement that the Su Shaoyou of the member that be in charge of receives home village or town, want him to take the hill on the person to arrest the person that find treasure, they go up instantly hill is searched for, catch a person that find treasure the following day, additional two escape, because did not ask a the reason why, put this person later.