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Glean and collect scraps person use a flaw-detecting apparatus, income of a day
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See in the film engineer is held " mine detector " , the person that became a glean and collect scraps however nowadays picks up useless metal to use " high-tech weapon " .

The reporter was in Shanghai yesterday too the person that a construction site near the road sees many 10 glean and collect scraps, have 2 among them there is to grow long handle in hand, the new-style tool of disc of its top connective, explore cautiously along the ground of building site. Discover underground has a metal, "Mine detector " can give out " toot toots " cry.

Next, person of glean and collect scraps goes with shovel dig down, gouge a paragraph of small angle iron; They take another place, noise recrudesce, gouge the small metal of a hemicycle... the reporter looked 10 minutes to be less than, glean and collect scraps person the scrap iron that picked up 2 kilograms or so.

Hold " mine detector " person of glean and collect scraps is surnamed old, it is Anhui phoenix in relief person, those who follow at the back of him to dig iron is his son. He tells a reporter, 10 years ago, he comes to Shanghai do vegetable business. In last few years, he is in constantly the leisure of the business, go to the building site that tear open change glean and collect scraps. "Wait to break up in underground aimlessly with Tie Gao search, hit the target rate is not high, one the world comes streaming with sweat, also cannot make a few money. " returned old home last year, he discovered in a shop " mine detector " , produced the idea that uses mine detector glean and collect scraps, in native place flower then 1100 yuan of money bought " mine detector " .

Reporter muse " mine detector " , see it only by explore dish, identify appearance of system, buzzer, directive 4 parts composition. Person of glean and collect scraps says, so called " mine detector " , it is flaw-detecting apparatus of a kind of metal actually. Be in " path " on, use now " mine detector " of the glean and collect scraps quite general, what be already new issue.

Had this one " high-tech weapon " , the efficiency that collects scrap iron rises greatly: "Bury in underground 40 centimeters of deep metals, flaw-detecting apparatus can discover, lucky when, one day can pick up just a little 100 kilograms of scrap iron. A kilogram of scrap iron 34 yuan, income of this day is 449 yuan. Income of this day is 449 yuan..