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Commute had wanted a metal to explore the door that install check
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The head of leather belt metal of male employee, the sheet metal on female employee bra, the necklace on the ring on the hand, neck, grating noise is given out in the metropolis when passing this door. Yesterday, in Jimei north industrial district Xiamen rises the worker that goes to work by plastic products limited company to be mirrorred to hot line of our newspaper citizen, their company implements the severe measure that install check, this makes employee psychology pressure very big.

When pieces staff is small are mirrorred to the reporter, one's words is very intense, he is used " search the person " the behavior installing check that will describe a company. Xiaozhang thinks, the company fears the will important production data when employee comes off work or finished product belt go out, adopt safety to inspect step, employee is understandable. "When why going to work everyday should be check installed? Do this assume our everybody is thief? " Xiaozhang once crossed security personnel questioningly, but the company did not give an any explanations. Xiaozhang has worked more than 1 year, he says to won't install check so before, this measure is this year just execute after the Spring Festival. "Likelihood and company lost a few article to concern. "

A female employee says, their bra leads sheet metal, arrived to install check door to be able to give out alarm sound everyday, just beginning security personnel a few days to still think is they took a thing secretly, let them feel very awkward. Somebody wears the jeans, sheet metal is contained above, also can give out noise. And right now to prove oneself are blameless, be about to lift the dress to look to security personnel. Female employee says, to avoid needless trouble, sisters change the bra that does not lead sheet metal as far as possible now, wait as to ring, necklace, also have only when after coming off work, just can adorn.

Xiaozhang says, when going to work every morning, many 200 employee is squeezed in the doorway that install check, once alarm rings, everybody is staring at him, "Like going to work to feel oneself resemble thief. " stuff feels psychological pressure is very great.

Yesterday morning, the reporter will rise to be interviewed by plastic company, the security personnel of entrance guard room commutes to the company the be related that install check was not denied, but security personnel says to just receive a mobile telephone, because go to work,call can affect the work.

The reporter is in of entrance guard room outside the document that a series of concerning saw install check on the wall and announcement. Writing on the announcement of Wen Bingmao of a piece of graph " before entering plant area, check knife, gun, artillery piece, lighter, individual to use a mobile phone please, cannot carry plant area; Before leaving factory, check tool of material of company product, raw material, fittings, bad news, workpiece, public appliance to wait please, cannot carry a plant area. Cannot carry a plant area..
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