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Mailaijin belongs to detector, it is only dig numismatics
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Late on June 7, have reader newspaper stuff, heilongjiang saves 5 constant city to to river town a lot of farmers use an instrument to dig numismatics in the explore in the ground, allegedly already gouge is close 1000 kilograms, be come from mostly the cultural relic dealer of Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang is bought.

On June 8 10 when make, reporter drive car will to strong river press down, sell numismatics through asking to find " Yang San " . "Still have ' big money ' want to move? " the reporter asks. "From which do you come? How to know this thing? " an old lady of many years old 60 very ask alertly. The reporter weighs those who hear to be in from the friend, want to buy some collect. Gradually old lady no longer vigilant, she says: "Came with respect to gouge before a week, can have many kilograms 500, but be received by nonlocal large family. " " how to sell? " the reporter asks. "Hear this thing is worthy, but what we do not know what kind is costly, you should be bought must not carry, talk even what mud takes land jin sell. Have the person of know all about the goods, see these ' big money ' , be being bought is hundreds of jins. " " how many money a kilogram? Can you look first? " the reporter asks. "Before two days 779 yuan one kilogram, now 106 yuan a kilogram. But in the home do not have goods now, must wait for Yang San to come back to say again. " " return somebody to dig now? " the reporter asks. "Have, the village had many 20 to buy explore treasure instrument now, be in treasure of explore of boreal city village. Be in treasure of explore of boreal city village..

Reporter classics villager gives directions, the north that comes to place of the 6 kilometers austral town developing a river Chengcunyi is small sell store, one youth man (abbreviation " A " ) moving back and forth a bag, a few ironware gave birth to thick rust, he sees say after the reporter, "These are me gouge came yesterday, should you want? " " do you have ' big money ' ? " the reporter asks. "Here little, a few jins, if you think large quantities of receiving, go asking fasten the home. " that man takes out a convenient bag from house, the numismatics of the Chinese ink green that taking clay is inside, engrave on visible numismatics dimly have " bright peace weighs treasure " , " yuan connect treasure " wait for a word. Via argy-bargy, reporter flower bought 15 50 yuan, still the other side is caught at will from bag, contain likewise " yuan connect treasure " , " bright peace weighs treasure " handwriting.

2 visit have " treasure " person, have " big money " but did not sell anyhow.

17 make, the reporter comes to Home Yang San again, yang San expresses, goods already was done not have in the home. See the reporter has bought good faith, he should take a reporter to go boreal city village turns. On board, yang San tells a reporter, he is not the first is dug " big money " person. Groups big know boreal city village is an ancient city relics, some earlier year, when people farmland, plow from time to time piece " big money " , ironware. Last year the autumn, the bearer outside having is taking metallic flaw-detecting apparatus arrive village explore, they say to have baby, did not dig at that time. At the beginning of this year June, this group of person is in ground of boreal city village gouge " big money " , have hundreds of jins, subsequently foreigner comes the village searchs, should receive these " big money " . "We this ability knows this thing is quite worthy. " Yang San says, before a week, he bought detector of a metal, ground explore is encircled in the circuit in the ground after coming back, true with respect to gouge many kilograms 500 " big money " , "At that time gouge these ' big money ' hind be the outfit that use a jar, but the crock is worm-eaten already, the person that help is much, the person that watch the scene of bustle is much also, divided to groups big a few, remained 339 kilograms to sell the person that stop, oneself did not stay. Oneself did not stay..
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