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Metallic detector - seize suspect lethal weapon
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Yesterday afternoon, day harbor passenger station used a metal to explore the door that install check first, hold metallic detector, undertake to the passenger safety is checked. As we have learned, this is home uses these two kinds of device that install check in haven guest dock first.

Enter Tianjin harbor passenger station, the metal that saw white explores the door that install check. The passenger wants to put the metallic article that carries on him body in model charging tray, oneself are passed from which, if detect metallic article, install check to be able to issue warning. This kind of new-style metal explores the door to many independence explore area, can the article that passenger of comprehensive ground check carries. Special design can stop the metallic induction of two kinds of different sort is quits. Compound circuit design still can be prevented by accident newspaper, interference rejection. The door that install check still set a variety of programs beforehand, every kinds of program has 99 sensitivity order and degree, can adjust at any time.

And hold metallic detector to use rise more convenient, after the passenger takes off coat, check personnel to be with detector all round the passenger by safety undertake checking, once have metallic article, detector can give out bee to cry. This kind of held detector can explore dinky metallic article, be like pin, razor piece. It returns can automatic readjust and self check, measure at the same time implement still have sound, smooth alarm to show.

Tianjin harbor public security bureau the policeman of harbor police station says on the west, the check previously includes facility, can carry inside examination bag only a few forbid to take the matter that go aboard, the article that carries to personnel does not have method examination. Had a metal to explore now the door that install check and hold metallic detector, check the article that the guest carries can expediently, quickly. Install check implement once check carries the banned article such as control cutting tool to somebody, can call the police immediately, this is treated to maintaining commercial and transportation center, maritime public security can have very big effect.