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Two bandits carry metallic detector cable of metal of theft of nocturnal explore
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Had seen the movie " landmine battle " citizen, the likelihood is very familiar to landmine detector. A few days ago, a bandits that Fuzhou seizes also used similar tool, use pilfer technically to tear open all sorts of metals on change building site or more mixed and disorderly building site and cable.
Policeman of Fuzhou China big police station says, on June 6 before dawn 4 when make, the security personnel that patrolling discovers, lakeside road has a black picture inside one construction site very doubtful. Security personnel calls the police hastily, defend observing nearby. In a few minutes, outside seeing two bunches of big cable throw enclosing wall from building site only. When cable of pick up of the one man outside enclosure prepares to leave, the policeman that is come is seized, the policeman returns capture detector of a metal, the black shadow inside the wall hears sound to turn over a wall to run away.
Classics prejudication, this man is explained say oneself surname Zhao, hubei person, ” of runaway a blind person of partner byname “ . They often are in before dawn 34 bits, take the advantage of a person when little car is rare, step on a back to turn over a wall to enter a few construction site, filch cable, metal, if touch on a few tearing open change to perhaps compare mixed and disorderly building site, employ metallic detector to search cable, metal to wait.
At present Zhao Mou already by punishment arrest, police is pursueing another suspect.