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Legal group public figure: ǚ of play of admonish of of blown away by wind of A
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Morning paper hot line received reader report recently, in a few building site of Shanghai and Tophet, somebody holds ” of “ mine detector, search sedulously on building site or Tophet. Classics reporter investigates discovery, those who hold ” of these “ mine detector is some of glean and collect scraps person, these glean and collect scrapses person it is OK to taking ” of “ mine detector relatively discover the metallic article that is buried below rubbish conveniently. Legal group public figure thinks, the use of high-tech new tool is normal society phenomenon, but should use it is in lawful limits.
[The spot]
Glean and collect scraps person use quite intentional
Yesterday afternoon, in war industry Lu Yuxiang abundants on the construction site of road crossing, the person that collecting many 30 glean and collect scraps, there is to grow long handle in 4 hand among them, topmost connective the new-style tool of a disc, explore cautiously along the ground of building site. Once hear the alarm voice of “ toot ……” , they can use hoe to dig, differ meeting can dig the tapping muscle, metal article such as iron wire from underground.
Reporter from the person that use the glean and collect scraps of ” of “ mine detector with the understanding in chatting arrives, glean and collect scraps person the ” of “ mine detector in the hand is civil metal detector actually, be applied extensively in customs inspection and safe examination, case to detect, it is eyewinker, dangerous to probe a metal content, archaeology, prospect, wait for a domain. And this metal detector can discover the metal that buries 1 meter or so in underground, accordingly special get glean and collect scraps person favour.
But, underground besides deserted metal, more it is cable, the establishment such as all sorts of conduit, for the person that begin the glean and collect scraps of mining to producing alarm, how does guarantee against dig these establishment? The glean and collect scraps of ” of use “ mine detector person appear have experience very much. A glean and collect scraps person open detector, taking a reporter to be searched around building site, abrupt alarm rings, glean and collect scraps person along all around explore then, should hear around after two direction have alarm to bleat, he says to the reporter: Affirmation is conduit here, not so long so big useless metal. ” passed a few minutes, alarm rings again, to all around ” of mobile “ mine detector is less than half meters, alarm sound stopped, glean and collect scraps person tell a reporter, this affirmation is deserted metal. Gouge looks, it is a paragraph of iron wire as expected.
[Investigate because of]
Search metallic article to go to the lavatory
Glean and collect scraps person calculated pen Zhang to the reporter, if need not detector, want to search useless metal to be about to be dug bit by bit in building site, just often can dig 100 square metre all day long, among them what great majority does is ” of labour of “ no use, there is metallic article at all below excavate hind, one the world will find many kilograms of 10 or so reinforcing steel bar at most, ability sells nearly 30 yuan of fund. And after ” of use “ mine detector, can discover to be dug again after useless metal with exploration of ” of “ mine detector, although star-crossed, a day also can gouge many kilograms of 30 reinforcing steel bar, can sell 70 multivariate money.
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