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Legal group public figure: ǚ of play of admonish of of blown away by wind of A
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Contact understanding according to reporter and the manufacturer that produce metallic detector to this kind of detector every price is 750 yuan, after using, glean and collect scraps person need many days 10 to be able to call in only cost, and income can increase 30 yuan or so everyday.
High-tech product wants to be used correctly
To the glean and collect scraps person ” of use “ mine detector, collect Wu Dong of estate attorney office's lawyer to think, the glean and collect scraps lives as a kind method, as the device that develop and used high-tech of the society, this is very normal phenomenon, but those who need an attention is, new facility also can bring new issue, use new facility to explore subterranean establishment for instance, grave of exploration underground ancient time undertakes larcenous waiting. But the problem that this is not new facility, the question that commit murder as convict with kitchen knife is not kitchen knife is same, this should see the subjective desire of the person that use. So, use metal detector should notice to be used in lawful limits in.

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