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Beijing: The Olympic Games installs each job such as check test to join smoothly
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Install check concept to realize safe, smooth, harmonious Olympic Games, beijing security directed a center to take each step, those who make sure Olympic Games test surpasses the job that install check and other match servive routine is successful join. On June 24, beijing police check " lucky Beijing " the item that the circumstance of the job that install check during the Olympic Games checks competition points out to need masses notices.

It is reported, from 2007 " lucky Beijing " since series sports match installs check to check the job to begin, beijing area runs 42 sports match in all, road of its central line match 2, the 37 contests place such as 5 use country stadium, pines (group) , the 19 training place such as sunny gymnasium, build in all install check big canopy 113, the equipment such as system of the inspection end the installation X smooth machine, door that install check, automatic car 2519 (cover) . In installing check and person, car attendantly to install check, increase deploy of person-time of the force that install check, add up to examination staff 1315889 person-time, article 783870 second, car 31883 second, fish is banned, be restricted to take article to add up to 34491, ensured the test surpasses safety not only, and adjusted mechanism of the job that install check, propagandist test and verify install check relevant policy, it is the explosion proof when doing 8 years of Olympic Games to surpass to installed check job to lay a foundation.

According to Beijing public security bureau special alarm Zhu Yijun of total group assistant team leader introduces, through " lucky Beijing " contest of early days test examines, the audience appeared to queue up to await the time that install check to grow too in the process installing check of partial place match, the influence watchs the issue of contest normally. Its reason and note are as follows:

One, show up ahead of schedule, assure to bring check time.

A lot of audiences are in face a 10-20 before opening contest minute just arrive hurriedly, check mouth personnel is installed to flock before bringing about begin, pressure of the instantaneous that install check is very great, affected an audience to enter in time watch the game. It is reported, the Olympic Games installs check mouth to shift to an earlier date 2 hours to open, the audience is best can shift to an earlier date 1 to 1. 5 hours show up, to accept install check to assure enough time.
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