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The door that install check appears on tourist of big talk dock to install check
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On June 25, the model that by Shenzhen city electronic limited company produces Weitaisi is VTS- 8208AModel the door that install check (also say the metal explores the door or metallic detector) appear formally in big talk dock. The passenger of hall of check of one old good morning is good with respect to orderly platoon the team passes the door that install check to undertake installing check by order. Passengers are to take the skill machine, purse and key article that carries to be put inside the chute on the side of the door that install check first, after be being passed from the door that install check when the tourist again from chute resumptive the article that carries. From today in the future, the visitor that always enters big talk should traverse port city only is to receive install check. This also is the move that big talk dock takes to answer the call of Olympic Games security. This big talk dock used 5 VTS in all- 8208AModel the door that install check and 5 hand-held metal detector of MD-3003B1.

This kind of VTS- 8208AModel cent is 6 area to undertake exploration to human body the door that install check, specific correspondence arrives human body is crural ministry it is one area, knee is 2 areas, the waist is 3 areas, bosom is 4 areas, humeral ministry is 5 areas, the head is 6 areas. Each exploration area is 35 centimeter probably. And the sensitivity of this kind of door that install check is extremely tall, the smallest the metallic article that can explore clip size. The sensitivity of each exploration area can undertake modulatory alone, eliminate the Xiaojin such as the dangler that human body carries along with sound, ring in order to go to the lavatory to belong to. Whole door that install check uses material of PVC aluminium alloy to make, craft fastidious, do manual work is careful. Not only OK and waterproof, and OK still and moistureproof, put collision. Cross a number to be able to be added freely to connecting at the same time decrease, accomplish number of accurate computation turnover.

Big talk dock is our country namely after Tianjin harbor the 2nd haven that uses the door that install check to undertake installing check to the tourist. Also be Shenzhen city Weitaisi the 2nd haven of electronic limited company kind client. The company installs the task to also take seriously quite to this up and down.
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