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Poison peddles evening show to hold a gun carry out poison installs check gate t
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There are a few gules pills in A Chao bag, the domain that preparation is familiar with to him moves round a few rounds. Walk into the door that install check, alarm rang, a Chao wanted this to be over, he did not revolt, went darlingly police station. Original, a Chao walks along the waist when field to go up to be not worn a gun.

Recently, a Chao of 19 years old accepts judgement in court of west hill district. Public prosecution mechanism accuses its commit crime of illegal hold firearms. Careful of whole front courtyard, besides admit one's guilt, he is silent as the grave. On Feburary 2Controlled at 11 o'clock in the evening, a Chao goes to × × club, when installing check gate too, alarm rang, security personnel personnel checks A to exceed place to carry article instantly. Result, from the ferret on A Chao body one abstains a handgun. Classics appraisal, this firearms has power. Police station policeman hears the news come to seize A Chao.

In police station, the policeman discovers A Chao to go up to still taking 10 gules pill personally, via checking the poison that it is ice. A Chao is explained, he begins to be in from 2007 each are big evening show sells pill, it is to buy oneself to eat at first, others wants to buy later, he also can sell a few. In boat room village or boreal station place of a few acquaintance buys these glacial poison, it is commonly 25 yuan, he can sell 35 yuan.

Respecting raises a gun then, a Chao says that is to be in several days ago on the west dam is grabbed from hand of a man come. "That gun is hit at all did not move, I am being taken is for gally person only. " A Chao says.

Yesterday, the reporter finds × × club, try to have more specific knowledge to the case. The staff member of about of a security personnel says: "Press a demand, these measure that install check are necessary, once discover unusual situation, affirmative meeting calls the police processing. Affirmative meeting calls the police processing..

"Won't call the police directly commonly, after all after the police appears, bad to spatial influence. " in another evening show, a manager appears more wish to tell the truth. He expresses, ordinary evening show can be hanged in prominent place have " prohibit suck drugs " the label card that waits for content, and administrative layer also can raise a requirement to the clerk: Once send existing guest to gather a crowd in the place,drug, answer to before going up, explain and be dissuaded above all, if the guest does not listen, want to report spatial management layer instantly. "If the guest listens,persuade, receive drug in time, that can continue recreation. Of course, if have,do not listen really persuade, be forced to chase its drive a place. Be forced to chase its drive a place..
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