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The sophisticated equipment that install check appears on torch of Wuhan Olympic
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31 days, fire of Olympic Games emperor will be ignited in Wuhan, this is the dimensions that Wuhan holds in recent years the biggest, share a number the large and joyful activity with most, the longest line. Wuhan police disclosed a few new window that this security works about chief.

Sophisticated equipment appears

Car bottom detector, search, platoon explodes smooth machine of detector of detector, metal, X and new-style the door that install check... a batch of sophisticated equipment that install check appear install check. Among them, new-style the door that install check is current the most advanced equipment installing check on international, it can detect not only a metallic content, and still can accurate show metallic content is in place.

The building of start yellow crane that delivers in torch and terminus beach of Chinese mouth river square of 3 gorge stone, after all guest and audience will pass the door that install check to install check entirely, just can enter.

Add segregation establishment newly

Police is special delivering circuit to went up to add safeguard of a batch of segregation newly. Among them by plastic make, long1.5 meterssegregation protects column -- " water horse " , be be used at large activity segregation first. "Water horse " infuse is many after water, move not easily, security is strong, rise effectively to isolate effect.

30 days, 1700 colourful " water horse " full already installation reachs the designated position. Police still was delivering along the line to add other segregation to protect column28 kilometers
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