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How to choose a metal to explore the door that install check
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1, exploration sensitivity:

Occupation standard: Install check door metal to explore sensitivity commonly position of the top central line that it is the door measures coin of the circle that get one. Sensitivity of good the door that install check can make quality give paper clip in actual measurement of position of door central line, after eliminating leather belt metal to buckle still can accurate measure so that exceed150 gramsCopper (big toe big) , and not fail to report sth, sign up for by accident, string together area newspaper. This is very important to factory guard against theft.

2, tally: The mainstream installs check door to all have automatic statistic " through the number " function, give the door that install check to probe the effect with visual observation. Statistic of meeting occurrence tally passes the door installing check with poor quality number and count abhorrent phenomenon actually through the person, or much plan or little plan. This means leakage to measure, mean the blank that install check. Test standard: Metal of excessive of test person carry secretly for many times (for example 100 1) through installing check gate, observation shows call the police frequency, show whether to be counted through the person and agree actually through the number. If agree, should produce quality the quantity is reliable.

3, aseismatic function: Install check door to because blast, person bumps by accident,may wait for a reason to cause door body rock. Once door body suffers shake to begin to call the police,quality installs check gate flukily, call the police ceaselessly, till shake an end. Long abidance calls the police to cause noise pollution not only and affected other badly to detect normally and current. Test standard: Test person station is among the door pat two side door plank forcibly, make the door acuteness rock, if the door does not sign up for by accident, should produce quality the quantity is reliable.

4, sensitivity adjustment: Sensitivity of good the door that install check all can undertake 100 class stepless adjusts, that is to say sensitivity is distributinging equably inside 100 class limits. Adjust only Control Panel but the door from highest sensitivity (potential energy of ministry of door central line detects paper clip) move lowermost sensitivity (eliminate leather belt metal to buckle, after the key, mobile phone still can accurate detect control cutting tool and firearms) . The sensitivity of or of the door that install check with poor quality distributings inhomogenous; Adjusting range of or Control Panel is not quite broad, must open lead plane box ability adjustment sensitivity, this metropolis is debugged to the door that install check bring very great difficulty.
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