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American invention can detect amount to 20 meters of new-style detector beyond
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2008/7/4/09:18 origin: Writer of journal of science and technology: Li Xuehua Zhang Meng like that

Place of American energy department belongs to laboratory of oak mountain state to developed a success recently a kind of new-style detector, its are used laser and can be reflex changeover audio plant, can explore about 18.3 meters of explosive beyond. Relevant content sees at newest the 92nd when publish " applied physics wall bulletin " .

The 査 Er of department of science of this lab biology Si Fan Neisite says, they undertook improvement to technology of music of smooth sound wave, outdoors is explored and can identify specific substance. The origin of technology of music of smooth sound wave is OK date from to 19 centuries thunder of 80 time squares formed by crossed lines strategics point Mu Bell's invention, nevertheless, because must want to use pressure boost room, this technology is not sent all the time in security and martial domain on use.

Install check and martial domain to make technology of music of smooth sound wave is in more practical, the researcher of oak mountain lab will explore the job that identifies raw material to change outdoor environment next undertaking, replaced before pressurization room. They use illuminate of pair of illuminant of pulse of person eye hurtless to look standard specimen is tasted, use a quartz next crystal tonometer will detect reflex. The photograph of mechanical and resonant frequency of crystal tonometer matchs the pulse frequency that they make illuminate smooth and quartz, when reflex line falls to tonometer, can drive tonometer to produce resonance, and the smooth intensity to its becomes the amplitude of tonometer vibration and illuminate scale. As a result of the character of quartz, it can change vibration into signal of the voltage that suppress report, be detected by the instrument thereby.

To examine the effect of this technology, their use phosphoric acid 3 fourth ester and 3 kinds of dynamite: Annulus 3 methylene 3 saltpetre amine, trinitrotoluene (TNT) and Ji Wu ester of 4 nitric acid is 4 alcohol sample had a test respectively. The result makes clear, this technology uses power not as good as other explosive detector the laser of 1% , can detect dynamite remains.

Neisite points out, crystal tonometer regards use quartz as resonator, can narrow not only the bulk of detector, reduce cost, more important is can use in the environment outdoor, no matter be,apply at commerce or field operations environment very ideal. He expresses, can detect at present the distance of explosive is 20 meters are controlled, if use stronger illuminate illuminant and bigger collection lens, check range finding leaves shoud be able to achieve 100 meters quite.