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Bring the common common sense that check door uses
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One, install a note

1, except prevent the rain door that install check completely beyond, other type installs check door to cannot get wet in the rain, use below open air must build canopy.
2, all round the door that install check 1 cannot have large metal object inside rice, wait like big iron gate, elevator, big Tie Zhu.
3, installation of the door that install check must secure firm, avoid fresh gale or collision to cause people body rock.
4, the object of magnetic field of far defection generation, wait like equipment of distribution box, electric machinery.
2, the door that install check adopts a provision
1, queue up ordinal through, cannot crowded, cannot go slow intentionally.
2, when calling the police, before one person walks out of the 2nd person outside the door to be able to be passed; When calling the police, need to wait call the police after sound stops, just can pass.
3, door body cannot collide when passing.
4, the side outside the door plank when passing cannot have the person that carries metallic object to pass.
3, safeguard with maintain
1, besmirch of door substance appearance can be wiped with wet cloth.
2, oil stains and the besmirch that clear harder are usable day of that water, alcohol, wipe machine water to wipe.
3, need to close everyday machine 2 hours of above, permanent worker makes overheat of yuan of parts of an apparatus and reduce performance in case.