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Line of business of pipe of hill of dragon of city of 7-22 river shade uses Weit
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Limited company uses course of study of tube of hill of dragon of city of greeting river shade Weitaisi is waterproof the door that install check

Company of pipeline of hill of dragon of river shade city is the metal such as steel of nickel of titanium of a professional production, Ha Ci, copper, alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon the manufacturer that provides fittings.
The company held water 1992, basically employ capable person of domestic and international high grade canal, production makes all sorts of bend, 3, the product such as cap of different diameter canal, tube, flange, flange, norms is all ready, year productivity evens more five hundred ton, metric pipe fitting from DN15, 1200, 1/2" of imperial pipe fitting, 48" , can wait for standard production by GB, SH, HGJ, ANSI, JIS, DIN, the product is used extensively at the industry such as food of machinery of shipbuilding, oil, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, spin, pharmacy.

The pipe fitting pad that the company uses the material such as cupreous nickel, titanium, Ha Ci to produce home is blank: The figuration craft that waits for pipe fitting to cupreous nickel, titanium, Ha Ci, welder art, have certain research, replaced a lot of large project of domestic the entrance of special material pipe fitting.

The company obtained ISO-9001 early or late: Attestation of 2000 quality system, the factory of the ship's classification society such as BV of GL of LR of American ABS, England, Germany, France, Norwegian DNV is approbated.