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Muscularity of hill of 7-17 Hubei yellow stone is used luxurious model the door
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Muscularity of hill of greeting yellow stone connects limited company of hot project equipment to use power peaceful the Si Haohua door that install check

It is professional that muscularity of yellow stone hill tells limited company of hot project equipment be engaged in cast of high temperature alloy creating the company of new and high science and technology with research and development, one level of company of group of natural gas of oil of member of market of resource of Chinese petrifaction goods and materials, China supplies alloy of high temperature of industry of metallurgy of network member, China to spare parts advocate supply manufacturing industry of alloy of unit, high temperature get the person that go. Main product has canal of pipe of heat of high temperature alloy, furnace roller, radiate, glass to carry cast steel of roller, bend, heat-resisting, heat exchanger, burn chew to wait, the industry such as national defence of report of oil of wide application Yu Shi, petrifaction, metallurgy, mechanical, building materials, heat treatment, nucleus, nuclear-powered submarine. Sell as far as to Japan, Kazakstan Si Tan, Indonesian, Philippine wait for a country.
The company is located in lake of magnetism of yellow stone city development of new and high technology, cover an area of area 40000m2, floor area 16000 M2, cent establishs workshop of solder of workshop of workshop of material library, founding, casting of essence of life, metalworking workshop, group, warehouse for finished product, detect center and technical center. Produce per year product of high temperature alloy 3000 tons. Static cast sheet can amount to 3000kg again. Furnace is in charge of a diameter from φ 1600mm of 52 ~ φ , length amounts to 6000mm, partial product is able to bear or endure lukewarm 1350 ℃ , have the honor to win national level new certificate of products.
The company absorbed manufacturing industry of alloy of domestic and international high temperature most the advanced technique, management method with science, strict process control forms his peculiar dominant position, produce equipment mostly among them, detect equipment house person of the same trade is banner level, machine of flaw detection of backset of microscope of spectrometer of entrance of boring machine of if fast and fused intermediate frequency is inductive furnace, low centrifugal of horizontal of amplitude computer frequency conversion, vertical centrifugal, large lathe, horizontal deep aperture, Germany, metallographic, United States, number is microscopical accuse an electron creep of high temperature of type of electron of universal test machine, computer is abiding experiment machine, have advanced production line, can go up according to the world pipe of heat of alloy of production high temperature of the standard standard of any countries, area or enterprise and requirement and accurate cast product.
Backbone of personnel of company various controller, technology, production all is engaged in heat-resisting alloy the production of centrifugal casting canal, cast and research are old, accumulated a series of precious craft parameter, can ask according to the user at any time instant select material, design, make, change assemble capacity; In the meantime, invite numerous industry expert to join, expanded technical force; With limited company of development of hill force science and technology center of provincial company technology is rely on, wait for place of scientific research courtyard for a long time to maintain technical communication with university of Hua Zhongke ability, the company has technical personnel more than 40 people, among them advanced title 10 people, intermediate title 21 people, 3 people of national level expert, the sea puts in group learned man 's charge 4 people, form the company spy some, technology advantage that innovates continuously.
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