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Weitaisi inspects looking glass by the car in hot sell like hot cakes
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Use at checking a car, machine, storehouse, the school, plant equipment or other watch the ideal of area to inspect looking glass directly hard, it can be used at airport security, jockey examination, martial area is checked, examination of car of individual illicit home. Lens face is not vitreous plating mercury to be made, however by not easy and broken stock make it.

ØHave annulus, convex lens and flat looking glass offer an alternative, length of handle of 12 吋 diameter by 42 to 51 flower 吋 , heavy10 pounds.

ØInspecting looking glass is not to use glass of common plating mercury to be made, it is a kind of stock of an Acrylic acrylic acid. Handle is adjustable (by 42-51 flower 吋 ) , lens edge is surrounded bump into balata in case.

ØSpecular brim has wrap up of high strenth balata to collide in order to prevent.

ØExceed light design, benefit works at long-term examination.

ØPortable 3 wheels tie-in operates exhaustion with reducing.

Ø9 lamps aluminium alloy is waterproof LED hand report.

Use extensively at the following place:

ØGymnasium, whether is there explosive below each chair inside examination gymnasium.

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