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A thousand li experiences restful Olympic Games abstruse family security employs
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Origin: Shenzhen special zone signs up for release time:2008-8-5

"Ask you the car hind end compartment is opened, take driver's license and congress bosom card to. " here is to be being held Olympic is scientific 2008 congress (abstruse division meets abbreviation) outside entrance of center of conference of Guangzhou Bai Yun international, 3 polices blocked a preparation courteously to enter the car of the assembly room.
Already will enter Aokehui on August 2 the following day, but the opening ceremony that security works to be like high friend capacity audience that day, lax without a bit. The person that many attending the meeting is mirrorred, although be besides the Aokehui that Guangzhou holds and Beijing remoteness a thousand li, can experience from which however ensure " restful Olympic Games " atmosphere.
As we have learned, guangzhou city is make sure Olympic is scientific 2008 absolutely the safety of congress, the spot and circumjacent investment alarm force is close 2000 people. Division of control of periphery of assembly room cent, safe and cautionary area and core control an area, smooth machine of the door that install check, X and car bottom were installed to check instrument in entry point, created command post of spot of video monitoring center, public security at the same time. From the ginseng with foreign within the country measure of meeting honored guest also does not pass is 2000 much people, this kind alarm force investment is to compare the configuration of one almost.
Kick off from August 1 up to now, undertook registering to concerned branch beforehand only, the car that got tailor-made permit ability is accessibility Aokehui assembly room. And sends pass imprints entirely have car date card, one card does not get one car subtenancy.
Had car pass, do not be equal to OK and free pass in and out. Congress set the car channel of rigor of a measure that install check technically. Enter car to must be passed check twofold with the instrument artificially.
Two days come, the reporter drives every time enter an assembly room, experienced this kind to install check strictly personally. The car is in 10 meters of above in the entrance, have slowdown of constabulary signal car. The first heavy examination is labour of choose and employ persons will finish, a police opens door, sweep entirely in every corner inside railroad car with flaw-detecting apparatus; Another police asks compartment of the end after opening is checked. Not only whole vehicle should undertake " carpet type " examination, and also should check seriously to the driver. The certificate that the 3rd police is in charge of examining driver card to whether be issued with congress is opposite on date, if not be same person, cannot enter an assembly room absolutely. This morning, the reporter witnessed a when when a delegate attending the meeting enters the arena, happen small episode. An electric equipment in the glove box on this delegate car kind the vigilance that the object caused a police. See the police moved back and forth seriously a little while only, ask be clear about after all is the ability let sb pass that dry what uses. So this is the outlet of power source changeover with a more distinctive modelling.
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