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Dong Fang Yuedong candidates will accept the security detectors
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College entrance examination this year, the province will be in the East, the two counties Ledong pilot to handle metal detector security checks on candidates. It is the first time in our province means security escort for the college entrance examination. Reporter entrance from Hainan Province, basic business management will test to the meeting was informed that for the smooth implementation of the security, the East, the two counties Ledong candidates time to reach the appropriate test center forward 20 minutes. Each examination room invigilators were standing around the two front "gatekeeper", first check the candidates held the ticket, and then a metal detector from top to bottom, and then check the candidates from the previous head, torso, limbs, and ears, under the arms, chest and back, wrist, waist, feet, belt and pockets, are likely to place the cell phone, walkie-talkies, earplugs machines, communications equipment and other parts of the receiver to focus on inspection, and examination of the candidates brought supplies to be checked. During the inspections, if the body is a part of an alarm sound, the invigilator will ask candidates to explain or to produce relevant metal objects, then again, the invigilator will check the original site to determine compliance, and then allowed the candidates took admission . If a candidate refuses to cooperate with the inspection, the invigilators have the right to prevent candidates enter the examination room examination, resulting from the candidate himself is responsible for the consequences.