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Sichuan will be the first exam next year Kaoyan anti cheat security metal dete
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Time for candidates to register online this year October 10 to 31, including fresh graduates this month from 25 to 29 Day Forecast name, forecasts were equally effective with the formal application. Students must be recommended without examination on October 31 issued by the school recommended checksum fill in the registration information online, and with the other candidates to the site to confirm the registration information over the same period. Site to confirm time of 10 to 14 November. In addition, the province next year to a total of Kaoyan graduate enrollment application, test sites 16, are located in Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University and other places. We need to remind the candidates that, and this year is different candidates in the next year, online registration, you need to January 1 to 14 reported by network user name and password check the website of research recruit exam information, to download print "ticket" . Education Examination related parties, institutions and professional candidates registered for this year has been expanded. The province will add specialty degree a total of 33, will continue to expand the scope of professional degree and scale of graduate enrollment. In addition, the 16 test sites in Sichuan this year's college entrance examination specifications will be arranged to introduce the first screening examination room in the graduate program. The test center will use metal detectors on entry candidates for security work. Watches, cell phones, calculators, and various metal or metal items can not take the exam. Each exam will be standard in the classroom in front of a wall clock to help candidates master the exam. Another hearing yesterday, the Department of Education Examination Yuan announced that the province the last meeting taking the college entrance examination this year has been completed, candidates admitted from today you can check the results.