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Security checkpoint X-ray explosive detection technology drug
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Important entrance through the baggage carried by officers conduct security checks have become widely used in international security. In recent years, required by the aviation security driven, X-ray security inspection technologies have developed rapidly and has become widely used international security technology. In this paper, X-ray security inspection technology, the basic principles and current methods commonly used in X-ray screening. In recent years, various forms of worldwide frequency of terrorist incidents, public security has become the focus of international attention. To deal with the increasingly rampant terrorism, governments have introduced corresponding policy, including the strengthening of airports, stations, terminals and other security measures in public places, and focus on strengthening the explosives, drugs and other contraband inspection efforts. However, due to a wide range of explosives, and the material form vary widely, to accurately and quickly check out explosives and other contraband goods, will undoubtedly improve the technical requirements for security equipment. Currently, the international explosives and other contraband detection technology, mainly in the X-ray detection, neutron detection technology, electromagnetic particle detection measurement techniques and steam technology. In which X-ray detection technology is relatively mature and most widely used a technology, including X-ray transmission method, dual energy X-ray detection, X-ray scattering, X-ray CT and so on. These techniques were seized material by extracting the characteristics of physical information to achieve the inspection of prohibited items. The extracted features of physical objects to be seized, seized objects mainly by density (ρ) and effective atomic number (Zeff) information. In theory, the known material density and effective atomic number can accurately determine the type of material. However, there are various safety inspections of existing methods there are different degrees of deficiencies and defects, and the various security methods complement each other, multi-level examination is the means commonly used in security. This paper describes the X-ray security inspection technology, the basic principles, and describes the commonly used X-ray screening method. Principle X-ray is a high-energy electromagnetic radiation, high energy electrons in the material by the slowdown in the movement or for inner orbits of atoms produced by electron transition, because of its penetrating intensity, can penetrate the package, luggage and other items, was used security checks as the ray source. X-ray after the election, through the collimator to form a fan-shaped radiation beam irradiation plane were seized material, via the interaction with the material was seized, part of the fan-ray beam energy is absorbed substances, part of the energy is scattered material, due to different types of materials on the X-ray absorption, scattering power are different, so the transmission of X-ray beam of energy when reaching the detector is different. Detectors to detect X-ray energy into the carrier, and small size X-ray energy range of the changes tell the difference, after treatment, the size of the detector to the energy received grayscale image display. Then processed by computer imaging technology allows baggage wrapped in dangerous goods and restricted articles can be checked out.