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Yunnan managing the investigation shall be installed on the school campus moni
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Last night, the provincial party committee secretary universities, the provincial education department director Luo Chongmin interview that Yunnan will comprehensively strengthen the work of campus security, will soon conduct a security drill, on the national level, large-scale screening tests will be comprehensive . Will use the latest technology tools to enhance the management of the school, the school must install the monitor, must be equipped with certain security detectors. Luochong Min said that although parts of the country malignant cases occurred in the individual school, but some types also appeared in Yunnan. Must be prepared, the most dangerous is not aware of the dangers, the biggest crisis is no sense of crisis. To take more effective measures to safeguard school safety. Luochong Min said that from today, a comprehensive investigation of all schools to identify and eliminate hidden dangers. Overall strengthening of the principals, teachers, staff, students of security awareness, strengthen "Sansei education" schools will be selected to conduct a recent security exercise, to conduct a comprehensive security education. To improve school security system, such as defense systems, duty system, access the registration system. To take new measures to enhance school safety management, the high school to college, to a card management, the primary grades and kindergarten students, the implementation of transfer card system. In the vicinity of the larger schools, to establish a police post, police officers, lights. Larger for national examinations and examinations, to conduct a comprehensive security. The second is to establish and improve school safety plan, each school should establish security plans, in the event of emergencies, to be able to take immediate safety measures. Luochong Min said, to use the latest technology means to strengthen school management. Schools are required to install monitoring devices, must be equipped with certain security detectors, to be equipped with self-protection equipment. In areas where conditions permit, to apply advanced tools to manage it. Luochong Min said that today, the provincial education department leadership will be deep into the city, the investigation of school security risks, drought and teaching, especially drinking water safety inspection, safety supervision and inspection on the premises.