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Windows XP is the operating system that at present everybody uses generally, its stability and use a sex easily unassailable. But it also can be troubled by a slight illness like the person, occurrence dot " cold " symptom, serious when getting heavy cold take to one's bed and never leave it again also is not rarely seen thing, at this moment a lot of people can think of reshipment system, but reshipment system has a the biggest trouble, before needing namely, back up, it is very difficult to resume the use habit previously otherwise, once encounter one system to start,do not rise, think backup also did not have an opportunity, at this moment how should you do? The author gives you a better answer here.

One, below Windows environment

In if your computer is OK still,entering Windows environment, so congratulation you, although the system appeared,this kind of circumstance falls problem, still won't be big question. Can appear normally in this kind of circumstance the following kinds of methods:

1. From installation CD solution controls missing a few important files

If WindowsXP has been entered, but discover however little certain file, among them the commonnest is Rundll32.exe is missing. Below it is in order to restore this file for the exemple bright: セ a huge legendary turtle fly  flesh? " move " , expand X:i is inputted in this window386Rundll32. .ex_ C:wIndowssystem32Rundll32.exe(x represents CD driver dish accord with, rundll.ex_ sees the document that press on behalf of need, c:wWhat Indowssystem32 points to is target folder, these should decide) according to particular case, can restore missing file to come system. OK also of course direct from other and normal the machine that run is duplicate the corresponding catalog to this machine issues this document.

Additional, link a file to missing Dll, still can pass Regsvr32 this program document will restore, when restoring, need inputs Regsvr32 A.dll(a.dll to represent missing link file) in moving window, carriage return hind can register this document in registering a watch namely, playing the dialog box midpoint that go out next " affirmatory " can.

The refreshment of 2.DLL file

The name of DLL file links library file for trends, below folder of Windowssystem32 of general consist in, this file is lost or be replaced, general accessibility also Windows, but the system often can appear to sign up for a fault when executive application process. This kind of mistake can be checked through Sfc(system file normally implement) . Sfc is a type of local school in ancient times of travel of a command, must be in of WindowsXP " command clew accord with " the ability below the window moves, to realize a variety of functions, sfc offerred many parameter, use format is: SParameter of Fc/ parameter 1 / 2... , want to be separated with a blank space between each parameter. Its introduce below a few main parameter, use with convenient everybody:

/ Scannow: A drum used in the army in ancient China of Xing of  of Pa of beautiful porcelain  ; Ran of cap of τ of cowardly of colour of  of  of low settleclear raise is blind south さ post haze asks astounded bursa ü of high and steep of  of Tao of    to   is returned south the 8 appearance of  of low settleclear raise austral Shan of Zhai of Wa of  of  of low settleclear raise asks  band to the tip jumps over  plutonium capture beautifuls; は is low folder of LLCache of 隓 of Pai of settleclear collect  , and the installation CD that needs WindowsXP possibly in unit process of cargo bandling, and its patch file, if you do not have this CD, backed up on hard disk however installation file, can register a watch to fulfil this function through revising. Regedit command is keyed in to enter in moving window register watch editor window, find HKey_Local_MachinesoftwaremicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionsetup, installation Sources, ServicePacksourcePath and SoutcePath3 are revised in the window on the right side of the method of systematic setup program that bolts the value is hard disk to go up, need not insert WindowsXP to install CD again when repair so.
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