Dress high-quality goods - the workmanship of the bra and manufacturing demand
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Small bust bodice, before long, already by " small commodities " deduce " dress high-quality goods " , arrive very quickly from the sundry goods bar of general merchandise inn tall, intermediate the underwear high-quality goods of business mansion is monopolistic the brand underwear brand shop of tall few of area or amount to. A monument that bestows favor on newly was built in broad lady memory. Especially white-collar, pink is gotten young lady and trendy beautiful female, more the thing that regards its as illicit home precious first selection. But, how does a bust bodice make after all, little-known outside course of study however.
Bust bodice, with its rich culture content and exquisite process, dare to be in 1000 endowment the garment industry of 100 condition develop a school of one's own.


The design is made soul. Because after its move is installed, bust bodice wants hug body, when wanting to accomplish a movement again changeless condition, do not fall off, had breathed freely after motion. What result of mechanical, human body learns want to consider human body aesthetic, human body integratedly when the design all sorts of knowledge, and all sorts of gauze that Yuan Fucai expects to, the mutual be identical of bounce, function, collect artistic quality and functional sex at a suit. Usually, code of Europe of bust bodice cent and Asia pile up two kinds of edition model, cent of every kinds of equipment, every model reduction of a fraction 10 number. Make any bodily form and bosom the lady is in these 60 model and one when suit oneself most can be bought in date. After certain type, the beautiful inspiration that the main task of stylist creates exterior effect namely and warmth are temperamental.

Group makings

The group makings of bust bodice is quite multifarious. Usually, a bust bodice needs advocate fabrics, lacy (bud silk) , mesh and cloth of glazed try to stop people from fighting each other, without spin knitting of cloth, complete cotton or delaine, aglet, elastic, steel wire, back hook, adjust annulus, inclined (silken belt, bind) , adornment. According to the originality of stylist, calculate the sheet that gives every kinds of data above all dosage, consider every kinds of spin again or do not have the function that spins cloth, bounce, gauze between Xiang Zhi cooperate degree. Although at present of home former complementary makings the trading company is like emerge, but accord with high quality manufacturer amount to not much. Accordingly, group makings channel involves country, outside a lot of countries and area. For example, taste package newly for a design sometimes, should choose British Benin company advocate fabrics; French Nuo this world is lacy the bud silk of the company; Bounce try to stop people from fighting each other of Brazil; The suture that Japan rinses company or Dong Yang are spun; The elastic of company of Shanghai grand Cheng, aglet; The steel wire of Dalian; The back of Guangdong is hook, inclined etc. Because major material vendor has lowest to rise,order a quantity, group makings is when place goods on trial sale particularly difficult. Ration is too low, be about huff, raise cost. Accordingly, group makings personnel should know craft not only, know the property of all sorts of material, know financial cost even. Otherwise, can create waste, company lose money in business. If huff, consumer will increase defray burden.
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