Vocabulary of English of commonly used dress (one)
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ACCESSORY carries horizontal stroke of wide ACROSS MEASURE on the back to measure ADHESIVE / FUSIBLE INTERLINING of ACRYLIC acrylic fibbers to stick blueness of plating of line ANTIQUE BRASS COATING after complementary makings BACK ACROSS Gu Tong ANTISTATIC FINISH is antistatic the outside APPROVAL SAMPLE with absorbing APPEALING LOOK of processing APPAREL hand-me-down is approved do autograph of APPROVED SAMPLE WITH SIGNING NAME to approve do ARMHOLE to place an ASSEMBLING OF FRONT&BACK PART around amalgamative ASSEMBLING SECTION gets ATTACHMENT of the brand on ATTACH LABEL on amalgamative part ATTACH COLLAR (the car is seamed) wide BACK STITCH of the back after the BACK MID-ARMHOLE before be being built after accessory BACK COVER FRONT returns a needle, back of dew of reinforced stitches BACKLESS DRESS installs BAR CODED STICKER BAR-TACK of argy-bargy of BARGAINING of form code paster hits BEARER of wax printing of BATILK of jujube BASTE baste bag line BEARER&Bag of FACING bag line sticks BEDFORD CORD. Hole grain cloth, classics BIAS CUT twill cuts ear of pants of BELT-LOOP of chatelaine of BELT of bag of organ of BELLOWS POCKET of bottom of a trouser leg of horn of corduroy BELL BOTTOM into parts, even if grain cuts BIFURCATE bifurcate BINDER into parts to wrap edge butterfly, roll BINDING OF SLV of Bao Bian of edge butterfly BINDING. OPENING R folds fork of face of BINDING OF TOP VENT to wrap BINDING/BOUND of Bao Bian of edge BINDING TAPE to roll a BLANKET carpet, after carpet BLEACH blanchs BLEACH SPOT to blanch besmirch BLEEDING to wash water, fade BLIND STITCH of blending of BLENDS of fiber of BLEND FIBRE blending carries BLOUSE of crural line pace body of unlined upper garment of BODY PRESSING of female outfit shirt irons BOTTOM of straight billow of very hot BODY RISE foot of unlined upper garment, card of button of men's clothing of BOY'S STYLE FLY / LEFT FLY of plait of word of the labour outside BOX-PLEATED of remove theatrical makeup and costume of BOTTOMS of fine side of lap BOTTOM VENT OF SLEEVE, brocade of BRAID of wrong button card, knit take BRANCH branch BREAK STITCHES to break line BRIEFS men's clothing to tighten brocade of body briefs BROCADE, knit take BROKEN STITCHING to break a string mass-produced BUNDLE CODE of BULK PRODUCTION of buckle of BUCKLE-LOOP of buckle of BUBBLING bubbly BUCKLE plunges into a BUNDLING hold plunge into Niu Men of BUTTON button BUTTON STAND to build a BUTTON-HOLE Niu Men / the BUTTON-HOLING that deduct a key point opens Niu Men BUTTONING to nail button BUTTONING WITH BUTTON SEWER to press button with the machine that press button after C/B VENT in fork (, CARE LABEL of careless of CARDED of canvas CARDBOARD chipboard washs case of water Ma CARTONNING, after CENTER BACK of Niu Zi of casual CATCHING FACING of CASUAL WEAR of fob of CASH POCKET of paster of the box outside the CASE PACK LABEL that enter case in CENTER CREASE FOLD is metatarsal and 50% discount CENTER CREASE LINE is metatarsal before line CENTER FRONT in CERTIFIED SUB-CONTRACTOR approves step of line of ball and chain of CHAIN STITCHES of car of ball and chain of processing factory CHAIN STITCH M/C CHAMPRAY knits cloth CHEMISE CHIC of bust of comfortable dress CHEST/BUST is modern, CLEAN FINISH of classification of classical style CLASSIFICATION returns CLASSIC LOOK of popular cloth of knitting of CIRCULAR KNIT cylinder fork of face of buccal CLEAN FINISH OF TOP VENT returns needle of sheet of buccal CLEAN FINISH WITH 1/4" SINGLE NEEDLE 1/4" to return a CLOSE FITTING close-fitting CLOSE SIDE SEAM buries COLLAR BAND of collar of COLLAR of fob of COIN POCKET of overcoat of side bone COATING inferior get COLLAR FALL superior to get COLLAR NOTCH clutch a COLLAR POINT to get pointed COLLAR STAND inferior&WRINKLY RESISTANT FINISH is anti-creasing CREPE DE-CHINE of broken line of processing CREASE LINE knits cross of cloth CROSS CROTCH to seam CROSS CUT horizontal grain to cut CTN of acme of CROTCH POINT billow into parts. NO. Chicken of box number CUFF flower, chicken of car of Jie Ying CUFF ATTACHING TO SLEEVE flower to arm CUFFED BOTTOM HEM of side of sleeve of CUFF VENT/CUFF OPENING turns over a foot, the holiday turns over a foot, crural class CUFFLESS BOTTOM makes the same score crural CURVED POCKET to bend bag of CUT&SEWN cuts refute CUTTING PIECE to cut a CUTTING PIECE NUMBERING into parts to give cut a number D.K into parts. JACQUARD 双面提花(针织) DAMAGE CAUSED BY NEEDLE 针孔 DECORATIVE STITCHING 装饰间线 DELIVERY DATE 落货期 DENIER 旦尼尔 DENIM 牛仔 DENSITY 密度 DESIGN SKETCH 设计图 DESIGNED FEATURE 设计特征 DIMENSION 尺寸、尺码 DINNER JACKET 晚礼服 DIRT STAINS AFTER WASHING 洗水后有污迹 DIRTY SPOT 污点 DISCOUNT / SALES OFF 打折 DOBBY 织花布 DOUBLE CUFF 双层鸡英 DOUBLE END 双经 DOUBLE JETTED POCKET 双唇袋 DOUBLE NEEDLE FELL SEAM 双针埋夹 DOUBLE PICK 双纬 DOUBLING 并线 DRESS COAT 礼服 DRESSING ROOM 试衣间 DRILLING 钻孔位 DRY-CLEANED 干洗 DUCK 帆布 DYING 染色 EASING 容位 EDGE STITCHING 间边线 EDGE TRIMMER 修边器 EDGE-FINISHING 边脚处理 EDGE-STITCH DART 边线褶 EDGE-STITCHING W/ 1/16" 宽1/16"的边线 ELASTIC 橡筋 ELASTIC WAISTBAND IS EXTENSION OF BODY 原身出橡筋裤头 ELBOW WIDTH 肘宽 EMBROIDERY PATCH 绣花章 EPAULET 肩章 EVENING GOWN SET 晚睡袍 EXCELLENT STYLE 漂亮的款式 EXCESSIVE THREAD ENDS 多余的线头 EXECUTIVE WEAR 行政装 EXPIRY DATE 有效期 EXPORT CARTON 出口箱 EXTENSION OF WAISTBAND 裤头搭咀 EYELET 凤眼 FABRIC 布料 FABRIC CONSTRUCTION 布料结构 FABRIC DEFECTS 布疵 FABRIC RUNS 走纱 FABRIC SHADING 布料色差 FABRIC SWATCH 布办 FABRIC WIDTH 布封 FABRICATION / FABRIC 布料 FACING 贴 FACING TO OUT-SIDE 折向侧骨 FALSE FLY 暗钮牌 FALSE PLACKET 假明筒, FELL SEAM of fashionable dress of the false FASHION that turn over a canister buries clip FIGURE-CLINGING tight, the exterior FITTING after close-fitting bust FILAMENT grows FINISHED APPEARANCE of final exterior of fine silk FINAL APPEARANCE to finish tries FLAT SEAM of flatcar of FLAT MACHINE of skirt of horn of FLARE SKIRT of flannel of FLANNEL of cloth of fire prevention of body FLAMEPROOF FABRIC to make the same score seam fold of FOLD AND PACK of flow chart of FLAX flax FLOW CHART to pack, fold outfit FOLD BACK FACING to go out personally formerly before sticking FOLD FRONT EDGE of canister of button of double deck of former body of FOLD BACK HIDDEN PLACKET to fold FOLD PANTS of broken line of edge FOLD LINE folds trousers FOLD POCKET MOUTH turn over bag of mouth FORM AND FOLD GARMENT to finalize the design before FRONT EDGE of formal attire of the FROCKS that fold unlined upper garment before FRONT PANEL of the mouth before wide FRONT OPENING of prothorax of edge FRONT MID-ARMHOLE FULLY FASHION SWEATER shapes completely FULLY OPENING of wool unlined upper garment is complete, general washs card of button of female outfit of GIRL'S STYLE FLY / RIGHT FLY of GATHERING broken plait, GLACED FINISH of right button card presses smooth treatment GOOD TASTE is tall savour GR. WT. GRADING of =GROSS WEIGHT gross weight puts GROWN-ON SLEEVE of phoenix eye of GROMMET of cloth of embryo of GRAY CLOTH of grain of code GRAIN cloth to give HANDLING of feel of HANDFEEL of vanity of HANDBAG of ajar mouth of sleeve HALF OPENING personally formerly hold hand HANGDLING TIME hold foot of unlined upper garment of HEM of fabrics of massiness of HEAVY FABRIC of clothes tree of hand time HANGER, lap HEM CUFF turns over crural HEMMING to coil edge, the HEMMING WITH FOLDER that return a mouth is used pull a canister to coil 6 horn of HEXAGONAL POCKET of damask of handwriting of person of edge HEMP hempen HERRINGBONE TWILL HIDDEN BARTACK of canister of button of double deck of bag HIDDEN PLACKET is invisible HIP of skirt of tall waist of jujube HIGH-WAISTED SKIRT sits the join INITIAL SAMPLE of mistake of INCORRECT LINKING of standard of standard of tall HORIZONTAL PLAID of cap of HOOD HEIGHT of the bag after surrounding HIP POCKET does formerly, INNER EXTENSION does to build INSPECTION of the bone inside chew lining IN-SEAM to check INSPIRATION inspirational INTERLACING to interweave first INTERLINING line, plain INTERLINING FOR FACING sticks double-faced cloth of INTERLOCK sticking line (knitting) IRON OVERALL BODY of bill of INVOICE of plait of word of the labour inside INVERTED PLEAT irons IRON SPOT of the body that iron unlined upper garment irons mark JOIN CROTCH of bosseyed knitting cloth buries tabby of JERSEY of jeans of JEANS of JACQUARD jacquard weave Luo Wen of knitting of KNITTED RIB COLLAR of knitting of KNIT of khaki of KHAKI of wavelet JUTE Jute gets KNOTS, LEFT COVER RIGHT of leather of platoon makings LEATHER is left build recreational outfit of LEISURE WEAR SHOW of sportswear of LEISURE WEAR of recreational design of LEISURE STYLE of right LEGGINGS open-seat pants to reveal LINKING of the cloth in LINING of flax of LINEN of bag of small turn of LIGHT CURVED POCKET of meeting LICENSE licence&CUP SEAMING seams young of the ear since LOOPING of cloth of Mao Juan of LOOPED FABRIC of pace of line of flatcar of basin LOCK STITCH (defect) Xian Taisong of inattentive LOOSED THREAD CAUSING GRINNING brings about LOOSE BUTTON button case bead machinery of LUSTROUS burnish MACHINE MAINTENANCE maintains MAGIC TAPE is magic stick MARK BUTTONHOLE of manufacturer of MANUFACTURER of man-made fibre of MAN-MADE FIBRE of MAJOR DEFECT great flaw&The positional MARK POCKET POSITION WITH TEMPLATE of door of button of BUTTON POSITION line out and button uses chipboard dot bag MARKER Ma wears MARKING MID-POINT OF NECK to decide neckline medium a MELTON of dimension of MEASUREMENT of stock of MATERIAL of match colors of MATCH COLOR of production of MASS PRODUCTION big batch MILDREW RESISTANT FINISH of the cloth with soft nap that receive a copy is mouldproof leakage of processing MISSING PARTS cuts a MOTH RESISTANT FINISH into parts insect-resistant processing NAIL-BUTTON presses crural button. Blame of suttle NON-FUSIBLE INTERLINING sticks plain NON-WOVEN FABRIC to be not weaving / clutch an OFF PRESSING to iron OIL STAIN smeary ONE PIECE DOUBLE FOLDED BELT-LOOP eventually without the NOTCH that spin cloth OPEN SEAM of dress of ONE-PIECE DRESS of a double ear that lose pants opens foreword of division of labor of bone OPERATION BREAK DOWN OUT-SEAM PKT of the bone outside OUT-SEAM. Line of barge of OVERLAPPING A FEW STITCHING of jackknife of OVERLAP of pants of belt of condole of OVERALLS of coverall of OVERALL of side bone bag OVERLOCK&BLIND-STITCH is folded carry OVERLOCK W/ 5 THREADS 5 lines are lock hemming 5 lines of OVERLOCK WITH 5 THREADS are lock hemming knitting of PANEL KNITTING of the method of PACKING METHOD of packing list of PACKING LIST of OVERTIME WORKING overwork job that pack cuts a PASTEL into parts PAYMENT of pattern of paper of PATTERN of patch pocket of painty PATCH POCKET pays PIECE RATE of bag of form of PEACH POCKET apricot remembers a face of PIECED ON PLACKET PIECED PLACKET of Che Ming canister Mao Juan of PILE FABRIC of canister of a button&The quality of crapy QUALITY CONTROL / QC that OPENING SEAM irons bone PRESS OPEN to iron bone PRESSING WORK IN PROGRESS to iron PRODUCTION SKETCH of program of PROCEDURE of printing of PRINTING of allover of semi-manufactured goods PRINT FABRIC to produce suture of graph PUCKERING edge controls QUILTING to make cable, sleeve of ox horn of cotton RAGLAN SLEEVE RAW EDGE comes loose RE-WASHING of opposite of REVERSE SIDE of processing of colophony of RESIN FINISH of regenerated fiber of REGENERATED FIBRE of buccal READY-TO-WEAR hand-me-down is returned wash flat belt of RIB TAPE of RIB Luo Wen chicken of lower level of RIGHT SIDE OF UNDER-CUFF of RIBBING Luo Wen flower RIVET of openly RINED dehydrate hits circle of ROUND CORNERED CUFF of roving of hammer ROUGH YARN pants of circle of horny Jie Ying ROUND CORNERED EXTENSION. JACQUARD bosseyed jacquard weave (knitting) fourth SEAM of color of SAFARI-JACKET jerkin SATIN / SATEEN seams bone SEAM ALLOWANCE to stop mouth, child mouth, the SEAM BROKEN that seam a head seams bone blowout SEAM CONSTRUCTION model structural SEAM PUCKER seams bone corrugate SEAM SLIPPAGE comes loose buccal SEAM TWIST seams bone to roll SERGE / OVERLOCK of edge of cloth of SELVEGE of edge of cloth of SELVEDGE / SELF-EDGE and skeleton, lock hemming the sleeve on SET IN SLEEVE of mat of the shoulder on SET IN SHOULDER PAD, SEW BUTTONHOLE / BUTTONHOLING of sleeve of stitch the sole to the upper opens Niu Men SEW TOGETHER BODICE AND ITS LINING body of suture unlined upper garment and in cloth, spell car of li of SEWING CUFF of bag of lip of car of SEW WELT POCKET car of gallinaceous flower SEWING SEQUENCE seams working procedure SEWN SELF FABRIC WAISTBAND to give SHINY of fabrics of pants head SHELL FABRIC personally formerly (iron) SHIPPING DATE of box of exit of SHIPPING CARTON removing looking glass falls shoulder of SHOULD POINT of knickers of SHORTS of Ma of box of goods period SHIPPING MARKS nods shoulder of SHOULDER POINT of SHOULDER shoulder breadth to nod shrinkproof of SHRINKAGE shrink SHRINK-PROOF SHRINK-RESISTANT, measures of SIZE ASSORTMENT of flatcar of single shot of SINGLE NEEDLE LOCKSTITCH M/C of bag of odd lip of SINGLE JETTED POCKET of outline of SILHOUETTE of bone of side of small body SIDE SEAM allocates SIZE SPECIFICATION / SIZE SPEC. SKIPPED STITCHES of size of feet stopwatch SIZING jumps SLASHING POCKET MOUTH of inclined sidekick of SLANT POCKET of Jie Ying of bevel of SLANT CORNERED CUFF of loose body pants opens line SLACKS SLIM WAIST LINE of cuff of SLEEVE OPENING of sleeve length of SLEEVE LENGTH of sleeve of bag mouth SLEEVE repairs fork of lumbar line SLIT (without build / jackknife) SNIP NOTCH is cut clutch a SOLID COLOR of SOLID COLOR monochromatic&Sheet of SOLID SIZE monochromatic piles up SORTING to divide a bed to distribute special machine of code SPECIAL MACHINE, SPREADING of smear of SPLOTCHES of special type car pulls vapour of STEAM PRESSING STAND of bag of square horn of SQUARED SHAPED POCKET of spinning of cloth SPUN YARN to iron a STITCH DOWN WITH PKT-BAG of STITCH line pace car line connects STITCH PER INCH / S.P.I of line of barge of sacking STITCH OVERLAPPING. Every inches of needle counts STITCHING of type of pace of STITCH TYPE needle&Straight grain of STRAIGHT CUT of bottom of a trouser leg of STRAIGHT BOTTOM straight canister is gotten to cut STRAP of STRAIGHT POCKET straight sidekick into parts to take a STRIPE MATCHING to be opposite instead after line of car of TURNING COLLAR OUT Pan of TAB of swimsuit of SWIMSUIT of lap of SWEEP of suit of SUITING of design of STUFFING filler STYLE buckles a cloth of STRIPED (FABRIC) a brief informal note TAFFETA taffeta TAPE takes a TAPING of bottom of a trouser leg of TAPER BOTTOM turnip edge TBA=TO BE ADVISE is waited for answer TERRY CLOTH. Small turn of both sides of WITH TWO CURVED SIDES 3 needles of THREE POINTS POCKET of 3 needles bag bag TIPPING edge, the TO BE ADVISE side spurt is waited for answer TOP COLLAR face draws line of the cover between TOP STITCHING of TOP SLEEVE big sleeve the TOPS of big side of facing TOP VENT OF SLEEVE of TOP VENT fork makes up wool of TOWEL of total prices of TOTAL PRICE of line of the cover between double needle of TOP-STITCHING WITH DOUBLE NEEDLE of line of the cover between TOP-STITCHING encircles cloth TRICOT before clip of TRIM FRONT EDGE of weaving of wool of classics syncline grain, TROUSERS trousers TURN CUFF OUT TO THE RIGHT SIDE gives the ornament thing on the dress instead TURNED FINISH of gallinaceous flower front coils edge TUXEDO does not have TWIST LEG of damask of TWILL of flannelette of wool of end swallowtail TWEED to twist lower level of UNDERLAP PLACKET of the bone end the sleeve of rock-bottom UNDERARM SEAM that fork of UNDER VENT/BOTTOM VENT of UNDER SLEEVE small sleeve irons in the lienal UNDER PRESSING that roll a leg bright canister, the coloring of UNEVEN DYING of underwear of small sleeve forked UNDERWEAR that 3 needles fold is inhomogenous foot of UNEVEN HEM unlined upper garment is uneven young of UNEVEN PLAIDS case is inhomogenous UNIT PRICE monovalent VELCRO is magic stick copy of VELVET velvet VELVETEEN velvet VENETIAN shrinks cloth with soft nap VENT is forked (have build / jackknife) form of V-NECK V of VISCOSE RAYON rayon gets nest VOGUE popularity, the waist of WAIST waistline WAIST TAG of fashion blocks season of some of WARDROBE of fore-and-aft coil of WALES of head of pants of former body of WAISTBAND IS EXTENSION OF BODY of WAISTBAND waist head the classics of WARP KNITTED FABRIC of warp of WARP / ENDS of dress WAREHOUSE storehouse of that one type knits crock of head of WASHING INITIAL LOAD of basketwork of cloth WARP-KNITTING classics to wash water WASHING INSTRUCTION to wash water to indicate WASHING STREAKS to wash to the needle, the person of ZIG-ZAG STITCHES of handwriting of person of ZIG-ZAG of yarn of YARN of the type that seam bone that essence of manual WORSTED of WORKMANSHIP of bill of labor of WORK TICKET of abb of slub of towel bag WOOLEN spins abb WOVEN LABEL to knit mistake of corrugate WRONG TYPE SEAM of WRINKLES of Ma WRAPSEAM whipstitch Short In Size of commonly used vocabulary breaks other of fastening of slide fastener of ZIPPER FASTENER of word line pace the Leftover Stock of On Sale change garments according to the season that piles up Out Of Season to pass s surname, wear coarse cotton cloth (knitting) case of WAFFLE Hua Fu (knitting cloth) machine of keyhole of round head of Eyelet Buttonhole Sewing Machine Rib Stop if concealed is like showing grid RING SLUB FULLY STRETCH CROSS-FIRE DENIM ANTIQUE WASH / RETRO FINISHING of bull-puncher of two-way rings bounce is nostalgic wash / nostalgic processing Rib 1*1 Emerized 1*1 is gigging Easy Care of pound of GBP Great Britain Pound of cuff of the root of fangfeng of Luo Wen windproof Sleeve Openning is avoided iron, before pointing to manufacturing big money, need to make appearance of a small cloth, affirm color, case, effect BEADING is nailed bead Boxer of machine of big circle of knitting of Circular Kniting Machines makes the same score crural pants / 孖 smoke connects color of PMS Pan Tong to block cloth of Pressing Cloth water (iron above cloth is enclothed when ironing dress) Press Cloth Of Wool irons the thicker Tailor's Press Board filling up cloth that very hot dress uses irons stool (iron very hot dress, one Ya cloth is fast button of hank cloth Press Button, the draw a design of printing of fast button Strik-off of the cap of belt of fast button Cap Press Button that also calls the 5 Ring Press Button that catch button circle face, it is the hand blows appearance, with the appellation in draw a design of knitting printing fabrics. Sliver Lurex=sliver Glitter takes the silver-colored line of flashy effect one kind it seems that, see more at A of single jersey of double gauze of embroider Heavy Jersey&E American&EfirdInc. Company of American line estate, this is line of business of a line gigantic without bully company, the product has Ice Color of reseda of Minize (minze) Color of edge of conch of on 10 thousand kinds of Scalloped N/A NOT ACCEPTABLE of small hem of Baby Hem of hip circumference of SADDLE WIDTH of azo dyes of shallow blue AOP All Over Printing Azo Dyes does not ask popper5 claw buckles cloth FLEECE of Wei Yi of INTERLOOP of pattern of L/d Lead Time O/L OVERLOCK Strike-off to catch Drop Needle of tag of Swing Ticket of towelling of TERRY of coarse cotton cloth is dropped stitch, professional spot makes smoke needle or sprout, cantonese likes to call " to smoke Long " , it is weaving when among them some needles do not discharge a needle, make knit the cloth that come out to have sunken, form a jug of gush of lubricious Ayer of tooth of blood of decorative pattern Shell Pink / Peach Beige (iron water of the gush when ironing is used) BARTACK of embroider of whole body of ALLOVER EMBROIDERY of box of 3 hole paper hits Handle Order =Merchandiser 3-PLYS EXPORT CARTON Niu Men of jujube BUTTON STAND is built (Niu Zi) superior of CLOSURE placket COLLAR FALL is gotten COLLAR STAND is inferior get COLLAR STAY to get the COLOR/SIZE BREAKDOWN that insert bamboo&HOOKS black fly is buckled (hook club is buckled) before FRONT PART of falbala of FRILLS of FLY button card FUSIBLE INTERLINING sticks triangle of GUSSET of grain of cloth of GRAIN of plain GODET godet to insert condole Pan of HANGING LOOP of curvature of the spinal column of half moon of cloth HALP MOON PATCH / date of lacy LIGNE of ear young LACE (button measurement unit) MIAN LABEL/BRAND LABEL of the cloth in LINING advocateRy Secretary only evidence member fibula of Safety Pin of all alone of baggage of Barb Wire of the member that Customs Declarer declares at customs, DYELOT of needle of brooch Swiftach gun needle of check of Needle Detector of rag of crock date Rag implement Shade Band crock needs kind. Use at referring a client in order to define acceptable shade range. Cloth of Fil-a-fil rice cleaning rod Baby Hem is very narrow double fold press open wire Camouflage Color to confuse forest of chromatic Forest Camouflage to confuse colour Camouflage Pattern to confuse variety design Fitness Wear women's leotard, cent jacket, shrimp of 冚 of Flatlock Stitches of appearance of printing of STRIKE-OFF of lubricious appearance of LAB DIPS of ecru grey of trousers Greige Cloth revive accumulative total of line Cumulative Units Lnspected examines goods gauze of several YARN COUNT raises Merrow 钑 spirit Applique sticks cloth embroider PEARL STITCH chromatically of Overdye of only waste time of Piece Yardage of snap of SNAP of close 钑 bone (wash water) Wash-and-wear Of Shirt avoids clerk of hot shirt Salesman "

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