The innovatory technology of metallic eyewinker is explored in food treatment
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Current, the metallic detector of 95% uses balance coil principle, the advantage is can detect not only iron and stainless steel 304 wait for the metal that a few have permeability to have conductivity again already, still can detect copper, aluminium and stainless steel 316 etc non-magnetic metal, but put in sensitivity when having product effect abate, suffer mechanical and oscillatory interference to wait for a weakness greatly.

The metal detects become food to machine crucial reference point

To food treatment process, existing inevitably the risk of interfuse metal eyewinker. Once people edible contains the provision of metallic eyewinker, can injure the oral cavity, digestion such as esophagus badly.

Current, a few countries already endangered HACCP analysis and crucial reference point namely (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) the code that list a person is mandatory carry out, connect after examining first to importing what partial aquatic product executes close, the metallic foreign body that has to refrigerant aquatic product detects already made reference point of product quality key. Once check gives metallic foreign body, all goods will carry with returning or destroy by melting or burning. The enterprise obtains green permit to enter an international market, to HACCP guarantee system carry out also take seriously increasingly. Efficient, stable metal detects machine a when become the flesh that contains metallic impurity, birds, vegetable and sea product can to flow to the market solid protective screen, effectively ensured the safety of food.

The metal explores a principle

The metal explores use 2 kinds of means commonly: Permanent magnet detects magnetic field changes, balance coil detects electromagnetism field changes. Permanent magnet means can detect only permeability metal: Iron and stainless steel 304 metals, but stainless steel is used generally in food factory 316 wait with cupreous aluminium metalloid; Accordingly, use balance coil principle generally to detect the metal of all types. Balance coil detects electromagnetism field changes detect head interior is comprise by 3 groups of coil, include the emissive line among to encircle those who reach two side equidistance to receive coil. Its job principle is: Produce field of high frequency electromagnetism by electromagnetic wave generator through the emissive coil among, the reception of two side the changeover of electromagnetism field change that coil goes to the induction changes for voltage. Stand by field of the electromagnetism when receiving coil to increase when permeability metal, the voltage when permeability metal crosses 2 to receive coil by arrive high small change; When non-magnetic the metal stands by field of the electromagnetism when receiving coil abate, non-magnetic the voltage when the metal crosses 2 to receive coil by low to tall change, will judge according to voltage changes and exploring algorithm whether to contain metallic foreign body.

Because use high frequency hand in change the electromagnetism interference that if the other equipment such as transducer and vibration are caused,magnetic field gets easily, some " damp " product or itself have conductivity (namely product effect) the product disturbs small metal to detect, should fast and accurate explore small metal to must use method of special filter wave. The Goring Kerr of the 20 many England year ago grinds above all give out wave of DSP(trends filter) technology, become to load of wave of synthetic number filter in signal processor processor of special integrated circuit, can overcome product effect effectively, medicinal powder makings effect and the influence that disturb noise. 1999, goring Kerr company becomes the company with subordinate Thermo Fisher. Give out DSP technology to commemorate Goring Kerr grinds, the metal of Thermo Fisher detects the product names before for DSP series.
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