A collection of selected specimens of English of industry of commonly used garme
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The product examines reach level of standard field quality: QUALITY STANDARD (OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, ISO9002, SGS, ITS, AATCC, M&S) customer check: CUSTOMER INSPECTION bedplate examines: TABLE INSPECTION classics to examine: LAMP INSPECTION lubricious prison spends: COLOR FASTNESS black washs lubricious prison to spend: Lubricious prison of attrition of WASHING COLOR FASTNESS spends: Lubricious prison of illumination of RUBBING / CRICKING COLOR FASTNESS spends: Lubricious prison of be soiled of sweat of LIGHT COLOR FASTNESS spends: Lubricious prison of be soiled of water of PERSPIRATION COLOR FASTNESS spends: WATER COLOR FASTNESS is chloric blanch lubricious prison to spend: Stability of dimension of CHLORINE BLEACH COLOR FASTNESS: Endurance of DIMENSIONAL STABILITY exterior: APPEARANCE RETENTION tensile strength: TENSILE STRENGTH tears intensity: TEAR STRENGTH juncture is slippery crack: SEAM SLIPPAGE fights cottony sex having a ball: PILLING RESISTANCE wearability: Ability in swimming of ABRASION RESISTANCE refus: WATER REPELLENCY water-resistance: Density of WATER RESISTANCE fabric: Gauze of THREAD PER INCH/STICH DENSITY raises: YARN COUNT gram is heavy: WEIGHT
Whitened: WHITE / SNOW WHITE is especially black: Milk of BLACK / JET BLACK is white: IVORY/ECRU/OFF WHITE/CREAM is bright red: RED is amaranthine: BORDEAUX/WINE purple: BURGUNDY/PLUM/VIOLET/PURPLE green: GREEN gray: GREY jade green: OYSTER/PEACH yellow: YELLOW khaki: KAHKI lilac: LILAC bronze-coloured: BROWN plum is red: FUSCHIA blackish green: CHARCOAL pea green: OLIVE dark blue: NAVY/BLUE shamrock: SKY BLUE pink: PINK cream-colored: BEIGE orange: ORANGE the color of camel's hair: CAMEL product packs a respect: Roll lever: RILLING/WINDING bulk: LOOSE PACKING textile bag: Box of WEAVING BAG paper: CARTON wooden case: WODEN CASE neutral packs: NEUTRAL PACKING single width coils lever: Double width of ROLLED ON TUBES IN OPEN WIDTH coils lever: Table-flap of double width of DOUBLE FOLDED ON ROLLS: Waist of DOUBLE FOLDED ON BOARD seals: PAPER TAPES paper is in charge of: TUBE tag: Head of Ma of LABLE / HANG TAG: Appearance of SHIPPING MARK boat: SHIPPING SAMPLE polybag: POLY BAG piece-length: ROLL LENGTH combined piece: ROLL WITH SEWING / ROLL WITH JOIN spells box: LCL makes case: FCL export package: EXPORT PACKING
Product defect respect: Defect: DEFECT/FAULT classics willow: STREAKY WARP breaks classics: BROKEN END urgent classics: RIGHT END wide latitude: COARSE PICKS thick classics: COARSE END breaks abb: BROKEN PICKS abb is inclined: SKEWING/SLOPE rundle: FILLING BAR smear: STAIN/DIRT different silk: GOAT/FOREING YARN hole: HOLE description is beautiful: Lubricious willow of SHADE VARIATION/COLOR DIFFERENCE/COLOR DIVIATION: COLOR STRIPE bleeding: COLOR BLEEDING fades: COLOR FADING/DISCOLOR abrade: SCRATCH/BARASION/WINCH MARK is loose board imprint: MOIRE EFFECTS crease: Before CREASE MARK arranges respect coloring, arrange: PREMINARY FINISHE (PFP, PFD) retreat an oar: DESIZING coloring: DYEING solid is lubricious: Arrange after COLOR FIXING: Heat of AFTER FINISH / AFTER TREATMENT finalizes the design: HEAT SETTING colophony arranges: RESIN FINISH cut: CUT cotton ginning: EMBOSSED/LOGOTYPE coating: COATING (PVC, PU, PA) Tu Bai: WHITE PIGMENT Tu Yin: SILVER bronzing: GOLD PRINT wears hair: BRUSHED is corrugate: Bubble of CRINKED/ CREPED make friends: BUBBLED the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics: MERCERIZED endure with all one's might: STIFFENING fights electrostatic: ANTI-STATIC fights a ball: ANTI-PILLING prevents eider down: DOWN PROOF is mouldproof: ANTI-FUNGUS avoids very hot: WASH AND WEAR is arenaceous wash: STONE WASHED is flame retardant: Coloring of FLAM RETARDANT environmental protection: AZO FREE / NO AZO is waterproof: W/P (WATER SHRINKAGE) refus water: W/R (WATER REPELLENT) shrink: W/S (WATER SHRINKAGE) printing: PRINTING coating printing: Printing of COAT PRINTING discharge: Printing of DISCHARGE PRINTING plain net: Printing of round net of PLATE SCREAM PRINTING: ROTARY SCREAM PRINTING transfers printing: TRANSFER PRINTING sodden flower: Printing of BURN OUT stencil: Printing of BLOCK PRINTING paper mould: Wheat of respect of PAPER STENCIL equipment overcomes shellfish to consider system of computer match colors: MACBETH " EYE of CLOR – " MATCHING SYSTEM of – of COMPUTER COLOR
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