The note of personnel of needle of a check, job of check needle staff takes note
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The leader will undertake grooming to us on August 18. Inspire to mine through grooming this very big, I had deeper knowledge to my own job, also will do more of good own job henceforth to oneself a strong sense of responsibility. Check tastes last working procedure that the branch is infield company, and I am needle of a check the labour that become case, quality is the life of the enterprise, if our product is top-ranking, but break the bequeath such as the needle to be inside the product or case amount is not exact, the label outside box is confused, even outside box damaged, bale take end to crack etc, what can affect our company is honorary, bring needless trouble to the client, can complain even retreat the serious consequence such as goods. Lest the circumstance of above happens, accordingly I work to abide by the following strictly at ordinary times: 1. Via the needle of product ability check of qualification of examination at random, Check needle personnel must press check needle machine operating rules and flow of check needle case will do. Check needle when must have check injection 2 times, front, horizontal inverts 90 degrees, check needle is affixed to indicate after 2 times check needle is passed, if had been illogical once must new check needle the 3rd, 3 times check needle is not used through needing portable check needle implement lay off breaks a needle, needle of again new check. Portable check needle implement do not search to give a needle to put its inside designation case to indicate check needle was not passed. 2. Different breed is pressed when check needle, the product chooses catalog name, case worker worker is arranged by formulary amount orderly load box inside, ma head writes clarity correct, printed container load plan must stickup and correct, case hind enters a storehouse in time, paper case must be examined before entering a storehouse whether damaged, bale the area is whole, if have,need to change in time. Quality is the life of the enterprise.
Groom impressions (allow to weigh) groom through this, make I had more intimate knowledge to my one's job post, letting me know to want to had done a work that pack is not an easy thing. I always think to pack previously is a kind of very simple work, do not need to expend husband of much great merit, but passed this to groom, make I felt the importance that pack. Think to arrive when towel when the workshop section that pack originally, want to affix relevant complementary material only, wrapping sack is finished product, but the acknowledge that after passing what be aimed at product quality this to groom, I realise the past has how peripheral. This looks was like a simple working procedure that pack to conceal never-ending crisis however. Any a bit careless mistake appears to cause huge pecuniary loss and reputation loss likely to the company when if pack labour,be being packed. Even if in front what the employee of workshop section does is again good, also will make these try hard to pay Zhu Liu water seriously again. Packing the job it is thus clear that so far is a very main station, can saying is " Chongzhongzhi is heavy " . The competency with had extremely strong responsibility heart ability better only this post. Next, in the job, not be to say " a certain " segment is more important, however each segment is very important, no matter which link appears problem, can cause a loss. Accordingly this is about to beg us every employee wants to have intense responsibility heart to his post, should have " it is the home with the factory " the job that the mood will come treat his. This groom let us master a lot of professional knowledge, also let me get very big comprehension from which. Want to make the company has better progress to be about to set out from oneself.
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