How does sensitivity of check needle machine check, check needle implement sensi
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Check needle machine - check needle implement how does sensitivity check?

Check needle implement renown:
A lot of companies that bought check needle machine, because keep undeserved, personnel changes,wait a reason a moment, lost the primitive technology data of check injection machinery, bring about a factory to be in everyday machine of use check needle, the sensitivity of check needle machine that does not know oneself however how, whether detect truly needle? Break a needle to still appear in the client's hand! The client asks to provide check needle report, cannot provide accurate check needle report or standard of sensitivity of check injection machinery however. Be forced normally make effort at the last moment, appeal to produce sale business at check injection machinery. But it is certain to be not machinery of all check injection to produce those who sell a business to recieve personnel very professional. Here oneself is written according to experience some about check needle sensitivity test method offers everybody to consult!

How does sensitivity of check needle machine check?
Sensitivity of check needle machine can divide for two period:
1, period of machinery of injection of imitate circuit check: 2The check needle engine that produces 4 years before still is in mostly because of the technology imitate level, use imitate circuit design more, machine function and sensitivity do not have a law to reach very high level. Can detect the iron ball of 1.2MM diameter calculates very good check needle chance. Existing very much hand check needle machine and most manufacturer are inchoate the product that bought check needle machine is that period.
To machine of needle of this type check, still a lot of clients had used needle of check of a few class to make a demand now. Had had the view of needle of check of a few class consequently, cause is: Because the check needle machine at that time is imitate circuit, sensitivity of machine of needle seeing check basically is the sensitivity indicator light that sees control face edition go up shines that archives (have 10 grade normally, an archives is quite old-style the one class of the view, such analogize) . If pursue: -----→

2, period of machinery of injection of digital circuit check: Make an appointment with after 2004 up to now, as a result of the arrival of age of number of check needle plane, the manufacturing technology of machine of domestic check needle had happened very big rise, sensitivity of present check injection machinery is highest and OK detect steadily the iron ball of 0.8mm diameter (checked a law to judge at 9 o'clock with 12CM of height of occupation standard passageway, the check needle machine of this standard remains short of the product of imitate circuit) . Right now check needle sensitivity used a standard to check card to test a level as check needle sensitivity.

Sensitivity of check needle machine tests a standard:
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