Metallic check gives the machine relevant application in food production domain
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Metallic check gives the machine relevant application in food production domain Food is in manufacturing treatment process, constant because of equipment wear away, in the food of the desquamation of the spare parts metallic eyewinker interfuse that creates particle of metallic powder, metal or acicular and errant entity, bring great harm to food security, the credit that produces a business to food causes great loss. Accordingly, we often use metallic check to go out opportunity is right the product undertakes detecting, in order to put an end to the metallic eyewinker existence in the product.

Metallic check gives the working principle of machine
Major metal check goes out machine it is by two greater part cent is comprised, diagnose a head namely (include feeling measure implement) with automatic eliminate device. Diagnosing a head among them is comprise by 3 groups of induction coil, include the radiative coil among to reach two side to receive coil identically. Through the connective of radiative coil place among the oscillator produces magnetic field of high frequency communication, before coil photograph join makes its induction voltage did not suffer interference in magnetic field, at the same time the reception of two side offsets each other. Disturb magnetic field when the meeting when the product that contains metallic foreign body enters those who diagnose a head to diagnose range, the reception that brings about two side the inductive voltage of coil cannot offset each other. Not quits induction voltage is measured through feeling implement, by controls a system to handle and mark of generation eliminate question conveys automatic eliminate device.
Mechanic goes out to make the impact in the process in metallic check its detect the element of precision includes:
Class status of the matter that be measured is measured the influence of classify of the iron cent in content, moisture, salt. Iron cent is magnetic metal, moisture, salinity brings the article that be measured conductivity.
The dimension of the content that be measured, appearance is measured content area is large, can produce very big eddy electricity, such making that the content that be measured contains electromagnetic wave to noise causes magnetic field disorder and produce misoperation.
Because temperature of the content that be measured is measured moisture content is contained in food, the condition of moisture (gas, fluid, solid state) different, influence level is different also.
Above these influencing factor, can undertake set is adjusted now.
Suffer those who pollute a product to eliminate
When contaminant of metal of the existence in diagnosing a head to diagnose a product, can release eliminate question mark to deliver eliminate device, the movement of eliminate device originates normally electromagnetism a powerful person and pneumatic equipment.
Because of all kinds product is endless inside the factory identical, this asks equipment of of all kinds eliminate needs fibrous root is occupied different product and different ground are nodded and undertake program, design.
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