What is metallic detector, the action of metallic detector
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"Metallic detector " the explanation in Chinese-English dictionary:

A Metal Detector; An Electronic Locator; A Metal Locator

In battleground archaeological in, most exhibit is a metal, if firelock plays head, cartridge, bullet, cannon and artillery shell, pomegranate to come loose,be played and / or Dao Jian, specific it is what exhibit depends on the historical period of battle happening. Accordingly, the tool with battleground the mainest archaeologist is simple metallic detector.

Come a few years, as a result of ghoul be consideringed as by of course ground " weapon " , metallic detector suffers censure all the time. Till 1983, richard. Fox and the Douglas later. Scot (Douglas Scott) proves through the analysis to battlefield of small large part, the metal that adopts a system explores investigation, painstaking archaeology job of a few years can be finished inside very short time. Estimate according to them, 5 what the member that the metal is explored comes in disinter of hair of battlefield of small large part, in 000 ancient implements, perhaps can find only with traditional pattern among them 10 or so.

Nowadays, the member that skilled metal is explored and archaeologist and cultural relic Maecenas work together, very important role is being acted in battleground archaeology, cultural relic Maecenas records the niche that discovers implements accurately, undertake " enclose, stick mark and make number " . In other words, every ancient implements is enclosed to rise, labelled, put in the hole that digs cut of the place when it comes out, so that be in,carry away its the exact position that is used at it is being found out before research later and scale becomes a map.

Metallic detector is used by increasing ground assist the surface penetrable radar (SPR, surface Penetrating Radar) and system of radar of other explore ground work. Original by England (Britain) development comes out, the SPR system that is used at exploring plastic landmine can locate upper 30 meters of the following unusual objects. This system still can offer a series of clew to help the person that use identify did not have not not dig the exhibit that come out.

But although found the place of metallic ancient implements, also be successful merely half. Occasionally, metallic ancient implements remains the model with former half only.

90 time metaphase, be opposite battle of graceful Mao Si (in the analytic process of Battle Of Monmouth) , american archaeologist people the firelock bullet that discovered a lot of surfaces are mottled is pressed thinly like chewing gum. To determine original measure, one is called red. Siweiliji (the archaeologist of one's previous experience of Dan Sivilich) , engineer invented a formula, this formula is together physics and chemical union, use calculation any primitive diameters that are not bulbiform firelock warhead. It (manage place ought to the ground) be called " Siweiliji is formulary " (Sivilich Formula) , alive nowadays bound everywhere can use everyday in battleground archaeology.
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