About the regulation of code of check needle aircraft, about the regulation of c
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Seventies, because Japan happening breaks a needle to cause children casualties to cause lawsuit, to ensure safety of the interest of consumer and consumer life, promulgated Japanese dress standard to detect at that time law. Check stitch sets: Dress of any imports and exports, must pass testing instrument - of check needle machine detect, incomplete remain in office is not gotten why to break needle or small scrap in dress. Otherwise, give 10 thousand dollar the economic punishment to 30 thousand dollar. Ancient bronze mirror this, the check needle that Japan produced to wait for a brand with island island above all implement. 80 time United States, Taiwan is followed the example of in succession, also promulgated garment imports and exports to detect law. 90 time, korea, China is introduced in great quantities as a result of what foreign trade product produces, also buy check needle in succession according to international convention implement, begin injection of check of research and development implement production. Still begin pair of check injections at the same time implement index of each property, suitable scope, technology, operating rules, maintain, safeguard and upgrade, check needle implement of breakdown eliminate, check needle implement the respect such as the overhaul is mixed from theory practice angle undertakes exploring reaching making formulary. Specific can see from the following content:
1, to check needle implement definition, property was made discuss, regulation;
2, provided check injection implement suitable scope, industry;
(1) , the industry that produces a harm easily to life safety of the person;
(2) , the product that produces a harm easily to life safety of the person;
(3) , exit abroad cap of dress, shoe, vanity, fabricate the cloth, handicraft, medicines and chemical reagents, product such as food;
3, check needle implement each technology index:
(1) , check needle implement height and width;
(2) , with check needle implement the check mark that answers relatively with width highly is accurate;
(3) , check needle implement carry, locomotive technical requirement;
(4) , the each technology index of electronic component;
(5) , index of the norms of program of computer chip, computer, technology;
(6) , the check and ratify that loses limits of magnetic field induction, by force;
(7) , check needle implement detect the data processing of the signal in the process;
(8) , check needle implement resist to what the outside disturbs ability is constant;
(9) , check needle implement the principle with constant airframe is chosen;
(10) , check needle implement of breakdown set beforehand, eliminate;
(11) , check needle implement the processing of groovy function and special function;
(12) , common model check needle implement, computer check needle implement, needle of interference rejection check implement characteristic, distinction;
(13) , check needle implement norms, model admits really;
(14) , design of formative of the alternative with check injection simple equipment, exterior;
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