Metallic eyewinker detects as safe as food
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What reach exit food sanitation and quality requirement to food security as the whole world is progressively rise, the good quality figure that also rises to do not let try hard to build for years and company reputation are destroyed, in character administration is being become in preventing products of food of metallic eyewinker interfuse must topic.

Because the interfuse of metallic eyewinker brings about effect of company product brand to drop considerably, already common occurance. Want to restore its to must give double effort afresh, once developed litigant condition, produce giant lawsuit and compensatory cost very likely still; Additional if the destruction of high-grade production facilities is caused after metallic eyewinker interfuse, that not only all sorts of waste that want those who produce equipment to repair charge to still will cause production to go up.

Although there is rigorous government program in manufacturing process, adopted relevant preventive measure to the interfuse of metallic eyewinker, but cannot eliminate completely from beginning to end. By the metallic interfuse that raw material causes, break a needle like what remain contains in the flesh, the nail of the interfuse in farinaceous raw material, fishhook, staple; Factitious reason causes, wait like button, coin, key, ring, necklace, by production spot repair causes, the oblivious screwdriver, screw cap, screw, solder broken bits when soldering, sweep inadequate metallic bits to wait, still the project inside the workshop is caused, what fall like the ageing of equipment is ferruginous, old be short of caustic piece, of screen mesh of the component on conveyer belt, stainless steel the culprit that breaking lobation, slicer and crusher razor blade to wait is metallic interfuse (the author once was factory of a tea to offer a metal to explore aircraft service, when the experiment, its are all finished product cannot explore the examination of machine with carrying a metal, and functionary keep on saying weighs safety of this tea plant, this tea still has metallic bit impossibly, open partial finished product later pack, try with magnet, discover chunk is similar actually the scrap of tea, original, tea should use big iron bowl inevitably in machining a process to break up fry, iron bowl with the passing of time accumulates rust to drop the metallic eyewinker interfuse that cause) .

Traditional an organic whole metal detects machine

How to detect the metal in these interfuse products? The earliest huge magnet that is put in upper part of food conveyer belt is the metal detects the rudiment of machine, when the product medium metallic eyewinker is in as the product on conveyer belt when flow can adsorptive by the powerful appeal of magnet come out, but its limitation is can detect only itself leads magnetic metal. The metal with more so perfect function detects machine as detect of the requirement rise and by use very well, its basically detect the object is a metal, the metal is divided roughly it is 3 kinds, namely the ferromagnetism metal, metal that be not iron and stainless steel. Detected difficult easy rate is decided by the permeability of metallic itself and conductivity. If be iron metal itself,have magnetic and conductivity can be good, be detected very easily to come out; If although itself does not have magnetism,be the metal is not iron such as copper, lead, aluminium, but electric performance is good, be detected more easily to come out comparatively; Stainless steel goods has a lot of kinds, some has magnetism and some does not have magnetism, and electric function is endless also and same.
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