Common breakdown solves smoke feeling warning apparatus
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Warning apparatus of feeling of independent type smoke uses a guideline actually, as long as do a few simple maintenance to work, smoke feels implement can very good serve for us. (1) often is clean warning apparatus important? (How does 2) decrease to sign up for by accident, does smoke feel implement sign up for 5 big reasons by accident? (Is warning apparatus of feeling of 3) use smoke effective? (Does need of my smoke feeling warning apparatus replace 4) ? (Does 5) average house need to warning apparatus of feeling of how many smoke install? (6) what place does not need to install smoke feeling warning apparatus? (Do which kind of 7) smoke feel is warning apparatus betterer? (8) through what method I can detect does smoke feel implement? (Whether should I use 9) will real cooked food detect does smoke feel implement? (10) the usage about batteries? (Does 11) ionic smoke feel implement does radiation sex have risk to human body? Brief summary: 3 the most important things.
(1) often is clean warning apparatus important? Warning apparatus of Top fixed cleanness is very necessary, it is the most important maintenance works. Smoke feeling warning apparatus is in inductive center all round have a few screen prevents the small insect outside and dust to enter inductive center like small screen. But dirt can be accumulated however in screen all round, delay airy campaign thereby. Additional, the saving of dirt often brings about smoke to feel implement inside buzzer contact oxidizes, such it cannot sound. In home, we discover in practice this kind of situation is more general. The reason is the capital construction with the ceaseless environment all round us, the dirt in air, dust density should be gotten high than abroad much. Clean warning apparatus is a very easy thing. Should use a vacuum to suck the air outside warning apparatus only can, sweep at least one year. This is feeling of foreign use smoke implement those who give out is how-to. Use in home, may clean frequency wants closer. If discover it had not rung, be about to do cleaner of buzzer contact oxidation to make. Specific means is: Rotational bee cries piece, pass mechanical attrition, make contact oxidizes a purify. If you have opportunity comparing to be opposite, can discover installation is in clean environment (for example oneself home) smoke feels implement it is than installation in much dirt environment (like the driveway store of Home Bian Mou) durable much.
(2) how to decrease to sign up for by accident, smoke feels implement signing up for Top of 5 big reasons by accident by accident is a very serious problem. When fire did not happen, aerosol warning apparatus issues warning ceaselessly however, you may remove it, so when fire warning won't be issued when happening really. The 5 big reasons that sign up for by accident: 1 . Cooking the affects 3 cigarette generation aerosol of 2 steam or damp 4 power source 5 dirt of a lot of 1 smoke that produce to cooking signing up for by accident is given out by ionic warning apparatus. Because this kind of sensor is right the aerosol particle of iota is more sensitive, even if the particle that cannot see to the person's naked eye. Settle way. The choice is to buy warning apparatus of feeling of smoke of a photoelectricity. Photoelectricity warning apparatus is not quite sensitive to tiny aerosol particle, the aerosol particle that arises to cooking so won't arise to sign up for by accident. 2 vapour or damp can condense to be mixed in sensor on circuit board, if condense,the word of too much lunt can give out the sound that call the police. Means of settlement: warning decice installation is in further from steam and damp place, for example the corridor of the bathroom should not install warning apparatus, can solve a problem so. 3 usually, smoke feeling warning apparatus is won't right the aerosol of cigarette is given out those who answer, unless the aerosol of generation special dense, for example, a lot of nicotian are in same smoking brings about a house possibly call the police. 4 batteries are in fast gone. What it gives out is a kind onefold, short sound, and about every other can give out such sound one minute. The 5 sound that if warning apparatus is given out ceaselessly,call the police, the smoke that may be warning apparatus so accumulated too much dirt in the room. Means of settlement: Should consider what warning apparatus perhaps is opposite to change undertake cleanness. Near the fag end of the vacuum the mouth has aspiration of one by one all round warning apparatus. (Is warning apparatus of feeling of 3) use smoke effective? Top increases ceaselessly as the use person of smoke feeling warning apparatus, the dead number that residential be on fire causes also declines ceaselessly. Report of American country Fire Protection Association makes clear, once produce fire,installed the residence that recommends warning apparatus of numerary smoke feeling, of the member that the residence mies wife flee for one's life the opportunity will compare the residence that did not install many 50 % . (Does need of my smoke feeling warning apparatus replace 4) ? Top 5 year had better change. If the term of service of smoke feeling warning apparatus is close to 5 years, so its service life is about to end, should be replaced. Some people think feeling warning apparatus has their smoke to just can work when having smoke only, actually it always is in working status in, change 24 hours a day in the airy that monitor. For example, warning apparatus of ionic smoke feeling will circulate 1.75 million times inside 5 years. 24 hours of jobs come to warning apparatus of photoelectricity smoke feeling the aerosol particle in checking air. The electric equipment that resembles other is same, smoke feeling warning apparatus is met as time elapse loss, one used smoke feeling warning apparatus of 5 years, to the exploration of fire the function can drop. (Does 5) need to warning apparatus of feeling of how many smoke install in the home commonly? Top specific amount is decided by two elements. The amount of residential number of plies and bedroom. The following proposal offers on the about standard of household fire alarm base that publishs in American country Fire Protection Association: · every bedroom. · is outside the bedroom and lying between the door to also can hear the place that call the police to also install. Each inside · residence install at least. A warning apparatus is being installed inside each bedroom is very be necessary. Having a lot of fire happen inside the bedroom, if warning apparatus leaves fire,closer word can have the effect that call the police more. The purpose that installs smoke feeling warning apparatus outside the bedroom is to reminded the person that fall asleep to fire produces outside the bedroom. If the bedroom distributings the different position inside the residence, should install smoke feeling warning apparatus in different place so. If the house is big, the smoke feeling warning apparatus of an above can be installed in different floor. Smoke feeling warning apparatus discovers fire through smoke, closer from fire, can answer quickly more. Accordingly, install warning apparatus of feeling of a few smoke to meet more more the safe touch that adds you. (6) what place does not need to install smoke feeling warning apparatus? Top to extremely hot or extremely cold place, perhaps via regular meeting a large number of aerosol and the place that dirt exists do not recommend use warning apparatus. The manual of the manufacturer can tell you these to equipment applies to what circumstance. Do not apply to a garage: It is a garage the effect that suffers external temperature is not big, because this is met sometimes the temperature limits of deviate warning apparatus. 2 it is the gas experience that the reason is engine eduction is brought about sign up for by accident. Another place that does not need installation is a kitchen. If warning apparatus installs the ground to leave cooking appliance too close, the likelihood is brought about sign up for by accident. NFPA72 requirement, when smoke installation of feeling warning apparatus is inside the range that leaves 20 feet cooking is implemental, answer to install device of a photoelectricity or dormant pushbutton at the same time. (7) does that kind of smoke feel implement betterer? Warning apparatus of Top avery kind of reached test level, but the advantage that they have each each. Ionic warning apparatus wants to the induction of tiny aerosol particle a few faster. Bright fire (be like flaming newspaper) with fast flaming when ablaze conflagration, the tiny particle of the aerosol in air is more, ionic warning apparatus can compare photoelectricity warning apparatus to call the police first. And photoelectricity warning apparatus is faster to the induction of largish aerosol particle, yin Ran (if butt ignites sofa) when, the largish aerosol particle in air will be some more, so photoelectricity warning apparatus can call the police first than ionic warning apparatus. The reflective time difference of these two kinds of warning apparatus is not big, but of a lot of fire spread splitting, it is crucial that so time saves life to pulling. (8) with what method to examine does smoke feel implement? After warning apparatus of every smoke feeling comes out in production, Top is installed one detects pushbutton. Often had better detect oneself warning apparatus, a month.
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