A pin that check needle machine discovers in leakage check female pants
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Business company on August 12 dispatch recently, one clothing company exports Lai this world to discover in a of Japan female pants one grows about 5 centimeters pin. Day square client is very malcontent, think enterprise leakage check causes this, the requirement gives compensation. The company tests in place below the help of quarantine branch, just provided complete set quickly to day detailed data. After day just is investigated, affirm pin and Lai this world finally this enterprise does not have any relations.

As we have learned, recently, company of some clothing of Lai in relief city exports a batch of cotton to make female pants to Japan. Goods is when Japanese supermarket sale, the pin that has about 5 centimeters long is placed inside the bag before a product is discovered among them. Day just is opposite this is very malcontent, consider as Lai this world needle of this industry be careful in one's conduct leakage check causes, then Xiang Zhongfang reports a case, the requirement offers explanation and compensation.

This clothing factory is in Lai this world after receiving day of square bulletin, examine in Yantai below the help of quarantine bureau, pledge according to the product the regulation that measures date from system asks, v should approve goods to enter factory, production to machine needle of link, final goods inspection, check to put on the whole journey of the factory to superintend a data till the bag from Yuan Fucai makings, according to the electronic picture that day just sends, begin investigation and analysis, conclude finally, this pin and enterprise have nothing to do. The enterprise is inside 20 minutes, fax data of complete set of pilot of quality of this content that approve goods Japanese company.

Day square client is in relief to Lai the quick response of this clothing factory is a little amazed, the evidence that they come to according to enterprise hair undertook investigate and be analyticed comparing right, affirm this pin and Lai this world finally this clothing factory does not have any relations. After coming to light, controller of day square company calls Lai this world personally this clothing factory undertakes an apology, the square product quality in be opposite and administrative job give height the opinion.

Examine according to Yantai relevant expert introduces quarantine bureau, on Japanese market, if discover danger of the carry secretly in dress is tasted, break a needle especially, will be serious quality accident, day square distributors can be levied to weigh punish, clothing company just is exported to also will assume the claim for compensation of 2 million yen jointly in, be cancelled to produce treatment qualification. Solve smoothly of incident this, for place exit clothing company got back innocence, rose " China is made " international figure.

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